Dodge Highway Hi-Fi record player - 1956

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Dodge Highway Hi-Fi record player - 1956

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Title: Dodge Highway Hi-Fi record player - 1956
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And You Shall Have Music

Introduced by Dodge as optional equipment on all 1956 models is this Highway Hi-Fi, a record player which operates through the car radio. It is shown in position for loading and (inset) in closed position for playing or storage. Forty-five minutes to one full hour of uninterrupted play are featured on each side of the 7-inch records. A set of 35 popular and classical recordings will be available with the set, which was developed by Cab laboratories.

For release Tuesday, October 4, 1955

Dodge News Bureau, 2900 Guardian Bldg., Detroit 26, Michigan

From the Collection of F.T. Snyder, Jr.

Creation Year: 1955