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Are you ready for some football?: Love football? These books all go behind and beyond the game, exploring the life of players and coaches and examining some of the most important historical events in the game. more lists in this category
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Title: Last Team Standing : How the Steelers and the Eagles-- "the Steagles"-- Saved Pro Football During World War II
Author: Algeo, Matthew
ISBN: 9780306814723
Notes: The Steelers and Eagles may be occasional rivals now but few people know that for one season they were actually combined into one team. It happened during World War 2, as the NFL faced a shortage of players and were forced to combine franchises. Incredibly, instead of being a disaster the team was wildly successful and ended up posting the first winning season in the Eagles franchise history.

Title: Friday Night Lights
Author: Bissinger, H.G.
ISBN: 0201196778
Notes: This book is a classic and with good reason. It's a compelling story about not only high-school football and its effects on a small town but it delves into the racism inherent in athletics and what that can mean for underprivileged student-athletes.

Title: Bringing the Heat
Author: Bowden, Mark
ISBN: 0679428410
Notes: If you're an Eagles fan then this book is a can't-miss classic. Bowden give the whole inside story on the Eagles of the late eighties and early nineties, teams that were always close to greatness but never quite got to the top.

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Title: NFL Unplugged: The Brutal, Brilliant World of Professional Football
Author: Gargano, Anthony
ISBN: 9780470522837
Notes: The newest book from local sports personality Anthony Gargano gives you the story of the NFL from the players' perspective. If you ever wondered what really happens in a dog-pile or how the players feel about training camp or how guys who make millions end up broke then this is the book for you.

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Title: The Games That Changed the Game: the Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays
Author: Jaworski, Ron
ISBN: 9780345517951
Notes: This is a book for real football fans, fans who are interested in the history and tactics of the game and who aren't afraid of Xs and Os. Local legend Ron "Jaws" Jaworski breaks down seven developments in football tactics that changed the game and one game that best showcases their impact.

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Title: The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game
Author: Lewis, Michael
ISBN: 9780393338386
Notes: It would be easy to dismiss this book as just an emotional story about a young man's journey from extreme poverty to NFL stardom but it's much more than that. Lewis examines the position of left tackle and how it's simultaneously one of the most important positions on the field and one of the most overlooked.

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Title: Boys Will Be Boys
Author: Pearlman, Jeff
ISBN: 9780061256806
Notes: Everyone remembers the infamous Cowboys teams of Aikman and Irvin and Smith and this book chronicles the rise and fall of that dynasty. From Charles Haley's film room "incident" to Michael Irvin's alleged near-murder of a teammate, this book has all of the dirt on one of the most colorful teams in football history.

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Title: Gridiron Gauntlet: the Story of the Men Who Integrated Pro Football in Their Own Words
Author: Piascik, Andy
ISBN: 9781589794429
Notes: Everyone's heard of Jackie Robinson but almost nobody knows that a year before Robinson entered the majors four black players joined the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams to become the first African-American pro football players in the modern era. This book highlights the bravery of both the players and the coaches as they struggled to overcome deeply ingrained prejudices.