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Holiday Picture Books: Stories, rhymes and songs for children, chosen by Librarians at the Free Library.
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Book Cover
Title: Dream Snow
Author: Carle, Eric
Publisher: Philomel (2000)
Call Number: jE
Notes: In this musical and sound effects book, a farmer celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall.

Book Cover
Title: D Is for Dragon Dance
Author: Compestine , Ying Chang
Publisher: Holiday House (2006)
Notes: This ABC book provides kids with intriguing information about Chinese traditions--especially those of Chinese New Year's customs.

Book Cover
Title: A Christmas Carol
Author: Dickens , Charles
Publisher: HarperCollins
Call Number: J
Notes: A miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future.

Book Cover
Title: Bear Noel
Author: Dunrea, Olivier
Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Call Number: JE
Notes: The animals of the North Woods react with excitement as they hear Bear Noel coming to bring them Christmas.

Book Cover
Title: Wombat Divine
Author: Fox, Mem
Publisher: Harcourt Brace (1996)
Notes: Wombat auditions for the Nativity play, but has trouble finding the right part.

Book Cover
Title: The Elves and the Shoemaker
Author: Galdone, Paul
Publisher: Clarion Books
Call Number: J398.2109 G131E
Notes: This book uses beautiful illustrations to retell the classic Brothers Grimm story in which two elves work at night to save a kindly shoemaker and his wife.

Book Cover
Title: The Year of the Dog
Author: Grace, Lin
Publisher: Little, Brown (2006)
Call Number: j
Notes: Frustrated at her seeming lack of talent for anything, a young Taiwanese American girl sets out to apply the lessons of the Chinese Year of the Dog, those of making best friends and finding oneself, to her own life.

Book Cover
Title: Where's Prancer?
Author: Hoff, Syd
Publisher: HarperCollins
Call Number: JE
Notes: When Santa and his reindeer return from their Christmas Eve trip around the world, they realize that one of them is missing and a search begins.

Book Cover
Title: An Angel Just Like Me
Author: Hoffman, Mary
Publisher: Dial Books
Call Number: JE
Notes: An African-American child wonders why all Christmas tree angels look alike and sets out to find an angel that looks just like him.

Book Cover
Title: My First Kwanzaa
Author: Katz, Karen
Publisher: H. Holt (2003)
Notes: A girl describes how she and her family celebrate the seven days of Kwanzaa.

Book Cover
Title: The Little Drummer Boy
Author: Keats, Ezra Jack
Publisher: Viking
Call Number: JE 783.65 K225L
Notes: An illustrated version of the Christmas carol about the procession to Bethlehem and the offer of a poor boy to play his drum for the Christ Child.

Book Cover
Title: Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
Author: Kimmel, Eric
Publisher: Holiday House
Call Number: J
Notes: Holiday-hating hobgoblins want to ruin Hanukkah, but Hershel of Ostropol stops them with his wits.

Book Cover
Title: How Santa Got His Job
Author: Krensky, Stephen
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Call Number: J
Notes: Santa tries all sorts of different jobs, including postal worker, zookeeper, circus performer, and even chimney sweep until he finds his true calling.

Book Cover
Title: How Santa Lost His Job
Author: Krensky, Stephen
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Call Number: J
Notes: Frustrated by Santa's slowness at Christmastime, Muckle the elf creates a mechanical replacement called the Deliverator and proposes a series of contests to prove that it can do Santa's job better than he can.

Book Cover
Title: A Great Miracle Happened There
Author: Kuskin, Karla
Publisher: Willa Perlman Books
Call Number: J296.435 K968G
Notes: On the first night of Hanukkah, a mother tells her family and a young guest the story of the holiday's origin.

Book Cover
Title: Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story
Author: Medearis , Angela Shelf
Publisher: Albert Whitman
Call Number: J
Notes: When they are given the seemingly impossible task of turning thread into gold, the seven Ashanti brothers put aside their differences, learn to get along, and embody the principles of Kwanzaa. Includes information on Kwanzaa, West African cloth weaving, and instructions for making a belt.

Book Cover
Title: The Night Before Christmas
Author: Moore, Clement C.
Publisher: HarperCollins
Call Number: JE 811 M782NE
Notes: A newly illustrated version of the well-known poem about an important Christmas visitor.

Book Cover
Title: If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
Author: Numeroff, Laura
Publisher: HarperCollins (2000)
Notes: Taking a mouse to the movies can lead to letting him do other things, such as making a snowman, listening to Christmas carols, and decorating the Christmas tree.

Book Cover
Title: My Two Grandmothers
Author: Older, Effin
Publisher: Harcourt (2000)
Notes: After Lily celebrates Chanukah with one of her grandmothers and Christmas with the other, she plans a special party for both of them.

Book Cover
Title: Seven Candles for Kwanzaa
Author: Pinkney, Andrea Davis
Publisher: Dial Books
Call Number: JE 394.268 P656S
Notes: Describes the origins and practices of Kwanzaa, the seven-day festival during which people of African descent rejoice in their ancestral values.