Buzz Aldrin | Magnificent Desolation: The Long Journey Home from the Moon

Recorded Jul 21, 2009
Direct Download: 20090721-buzzald.mp3

On the 40th anniversary of the historic moon landing, Buzz Aldrin tells the behind the scenes story of the Apollo 11 mission and his life afterward as he struggled with depression and alcoholism. Magnificent Desolation reveals how close Apollo 11 came to aborting its landing less than 60 feet from the moon’s surface, how a computer overload almost jeopardized the entire mission, and how Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had to manually land the spacecraft with a mere 20 seconds of fuel left. Today, Buzz Aldrin is the founder of the ShareSpace Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to opening the doors of space tourism for all people. 

Mr. Aldrin will be Interviewed by Ian Sheffer.

Buzz Aldrin will only sign copies of books he has written. No memorabilia or photos.

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