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This site consists of an Access database of 1576 digitized images related to the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Content related to the Centennial Exhibition was produced by subject specialists on staff at the Free Library. Free Library staff also developed searches and tours that create access to and views of the database and the content. Tango, a middleware product and Javascript were used to create searches and tours. The site is mounted on an NT server.

Work of creating the site was divided among Project Team members. The team included:

  • Joe Benford, Head, Print and Picture Collection, Project Manager
  • Rich Atkinson, VMS Specialist
  • Brian Briscoe - Project Cataloger
  • Laura Clover, Head, Catalog Department
  • Jim DeWalt, Head, Social Science and History
  • Siobhan Edmonds, Scan Technician
  • Irene Gould - Catalog Technician
  • Deborah Litwack, Head, Art Department, Project Advisor
  • Elizabeth McKenty, Coordinator, The Office of Public Service Support
  • Christine McNally - Catalog Technician
  • Laura Moore, Manager, Web Development Office
  • Janine Pollock, Librarian, Web Development Office
  • Peter Silvestro, Supervisor, Catalog Department
  • Katia Strieck - Project Cataloger
  • Eriko Takahashi, Scan Lab Manager
  • Suzanne E. Warren - Proof Reader/Data Entry

The Project Oversight Committee met Quarterly with the Project Manager during the grant period to review progress and foster interdivisional cooperation. Oversight Committee members include:

  • Kathy Gosliner, Associate Director
  • Helen Miller, Director, Public Services
  • H.E. Broadbent III, Director, Information Technology
  • Jeffrey Perkins, Vice President, Administration and CFO Foundation
  • Hedra Peterman, Chief, The Office of Public Service Support
  • Sue Seiter, Vice President, Communications and Development
  • Mary Fischer, Chief, Collection Development
  • Joseph McPeak, Chief, Central Public Services Division
  • Mary Frances Melnik, Chief, Processing Division

Bernard F. Reilly, Director of Research and Access, Chicago Historical Society provided consultation about project scope and planning.

Steve Smith, a Pervasive application consultant, conducted onsite consultation and training on database search building.

The Monarch Consulting Group (MCG), a multimedia communications firm, developed the graphic concept and sitewide organization. MCG produced original artwork and iconography, dynamic interfaces and collaborated with FLP staff on programming.


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