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We often emphasize distinctions between the main Abrahamic religions, but they have something culinary in common: each year Muslims, Christians, and Jews restrict their diets to mimic the fasts of… continue reading Why Did Abraham Care What We Eat? Food Restrictions in Major Religions

By written by Katherine L.    April 16, 2021   

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, the newest episode of Book Feast uses the luncheon in Virginia Woolf ’s proto-feminist essay A Room of One’s Own (1929) to discuss… continue reading Newest Episode of "Book Feast" Invites Women to the Table

By written by Katherine L.    March 31, 2021   

Have you ever thought about why we use the same vocabulary to describe consuming food and consuming knowledge? How we’re hungry for the truth, devour a good book, and digest… continue reading Let Culinary Explorations of Literature Nourish You with Book Feast!

By written by Katherine L.    January 7, 2021