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The Grim Reaper sure was clocking in a lot of overtime throughout 2016. It's definitely not an ordinary year when you wake up one day and the likes of David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene… continue reading People We Lost: 2016 In Memoriam

By written by Peter SM    December 30, 2016   

Every year I read a lot of books. This year I’m at 329 and counting (I still have a day left...). This isn’t a strange statement coming from a librarian since it’s pretty much… continue reading Dena's Favorite Books of 2016

By written by Dena    December 30, 2016    1

2016 was another great year for readers and fans of comic books, specifically graphic novels. While not necessarily a "Top 10" (especially since I selected sixteen!) and definitely not… continue reading 16 Great Graphic Novels from 2016

By written by Peter SM    December 29, 2016   

From day one of their lives, children are exposed to words. Even before birth, babies hear what words sound like and once born, they can visually see printed letters in text. According to Make Way… continue reading Literacy Begins at Birth

By written by Darrian H.    December 29, 2016   

The following is a guest blog post by Frances Egler, who serves as the Director of Programming and Presentations at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts . Egler is responsible for booking the… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Broadway Booking and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

By written by Administrator    December 28, 2016   

Incarcerated mothers and fathers face many challenges to maintain bonds with their children in the face of difficult circumstances. Limited time in prison visiting rooms is not always enough.… continue reading One Year of Stories Alive: Looking Back and Planning Ahead

By written by Micaela G.    December 28, 2016    2

Free Library Myth #1 "Shhhhhhhhhh! This is a library!" While we do offer many quiet areas for customers to comfortably read, study, and explore our materials, we also offer many types of… continue reading #FLPMyths: So you thought libraries are quiet…

By written by Kate C.    December 28, 2016   

It was about this time last year that I met my husband for lunch at Reading Terminal Market. It was a particularly cold afternoon, so instead of making the walk, I drove. I passed Parkway Central… continue reading I Saw Philadelphia Through the Eyes of the Free Library

By written by Kate C.    December 27, 2016    24

Free Library Myth #2 We can all picture it—the "stereotypical" librarian image: an old woman with a bun and glasses, rocking an awesome cardigan! In reality, Free Library… continue reading #FLPMyths: So you thought all librarians were old ladies in cardigans…

By written by Kate C.    December 27, 2016   

Genevieve Tierney, pastry cook at Osteria , shares some of her favorite holiday cookie recipes from around the world. Genevieve is a graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.… continue reading Holiday Cookies

By written by Liz A.    December 23, 2016    1

It's winter! It's the holiday season! You know what would be a great idea right now? Escaping into a collection of Young Adult wintery/holiday themed novels while your mom tries to get you… continue reading Winter Holiday-Themed Short Story Collections

By written by Rachel F.    December 23, 2016   

It's a few days before Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa , and all through my house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Why? Because it's freezing outside! So, what better time… continue reading Happy Hoopla Holidaze!

By written by Peter SM    December 23, 2016   

Wow, 2016 just flew by!  We are now at the cusp of a brand new year, and what better way to celebrate than by reading a picture book? Our selection for this month's Picture Book… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | Hap-pea All Year

By written by Monica C.    December 22, 2016   

Free Library Myth #3 While printed books, ebooks, and audiobooks are the most popular items to check out from the Free Library, a library card opens the door to so much more if you just know where… continue reading #FLPMyths: So you thought you could only check out books with a library card…

By written by Kate C.    December 22, 2016   

In which I become obsessed with physics… Despite having a super non-scientific brain, I really related to Christopher’s love of math, physics, and astronomy in The Curious Incident of… continue reading #OneBookWednesday: Obsessed with Physics

By written by Alix G.    December 21, 2016   

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... to be a lady who likes comics. One day you get to celebrate the appearance of the first African American woman to own a comic book store on a… continue reading Let's Hear It For the Ladies (in comics)!

By written by Rachel F.    December 21, 2016    1

Free Library Myth #4 Opened in June 2014, the Free Library’s Culinary Literacy Center (CLC) is revolutionizing the way Philadelphians think about food, nutrition, and literacy. It aims to… continue reading #FLPMyths: So you thought there’s no eating allowed in the library…

By written by Kate C.    December 20, 2016    2

The library is a great resource for families trying to provide educational opportunities for their children during the long winter break! If you are able to get out to your neighborhood library,… continue reading Fun Winter Break Activities

By written by Elizabeth K.    December 19, 2016   

The Free Library of Philadelphia is a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space for all members of the public. The programs and services at each of our 54 libraries are available for people of every… continue reading Our Commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at the Free Library

By written by Siobhan Reardon    December 19, 2016    8