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The Free Library of Philadelphia would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to the Nepalese and Bhutanese communities in Philadelphia during these difficult times following the aftermath of the… continue reading

By Tiffany N.   April 30, 2015   

We’re taking a break from our normal book reviews to look at our historical collections at the Free Library. The Children’s Literature Research Collection (CLRC) houses premier… continue reading

By Sarah S.   April 30, 2015    3

Many moons ago when we began to undertake the incredible Framing Fraktur  initiative here at the Free Library, I started blathering on (incessantly, some might say) to colleagues about the… continue reading

By Alix G.   April 29, 2015   

The Free Library Hotspots Progam is happy to announce a weekly Create-Your-Own Video Game Club at Heavenly Hall! The club is designed for 8 to 14 year olds interested in learning how to design… continue reading

By Scott P.   April 28, 2015   

Last month, the Music Department featured the music of Qin Qian - Philadelphia author, educator and erhu player. She treated the public to a special pop-up performance featuring her students and… continue reading

By Perry G.   April 28, 2015   

The Print and Picture Collection of the Free Library of Philadelphia has mounted a new exhibition to coincide with Framing Fraktur: Celebrating Traditional Pennsylvania German Folk Art and Its… continue reading

By Laura S.   April 28, 2015   

How do we measure success?  Some measure success through wealth, power, and prestige.  Others may measure success by how quickly they advance in their careers.  But how does one… continue reading

By Aisha A.   April 27, 2015   

New book explores jazz influence on fashion McClendon’s research was conducted at the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, the Schomburg Center for Research in… continue reading

By Samantha M.   April 24, 2015   

The Print and Picture Collection is pleased to announce  PIX Open Call , our 2015 call for entries for juried two-person exhibitions. Area artists are invited to enter this open call,… continue reading

By Laura S.   April 22, 2015   

The Free Library of Philadelphia is excited to be a core collaborator in the 2015 Philadelphia Science Festival , an innovative, nine-day celebration that explores the many ways that science and… continue reading

By Rachel F.   April 21, 2015   

Conserving history: Conservation Center for Art and Historical Artifacts in Philadelphia repairs old paper to preserve history On April 7, Book Conservator Rebecca Smyrl was working on a… continue reading

By Samantha M.   April 17, 2015    1

When it comes to providing digital access and bridging the digital divide , public libraries have been at the forefront of the battle for years. Every day, Free Library of Philadelphia staff… continue reading

By CaitlinT   April 15, 2015    1

Today is National Library Workers Day, and we at the Free Library of Philadelphia are incredibly grateful to our hard working and thoughtful staff who advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire… continue reading

By Michelle S.   April 14, 2015   

The Sheet Music Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Music Department includes over 350,000 individual songs and wordless piano solos. This collection includes single tunes… continue reading

By Adam F.   April 14, 2015   

Hoopla is the Free Library's online source for streaming movies, television, music, and audiobooks. It's all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it's all free when you create… continue reading

By Jamie W.   April 14, 2015   

Art of Food: The Culinary Literacy Center WHYY/PBS Video clip—this mini-documentary features Culinary Literacy Specialist Liz Fitzgerald and President Siobhan Reardon For full video, click… continue reading

By Samantha M.   April 10, 2015   

Can’t wait for Philly Tech Week 2015 ?  Neither can we!  The Free Library of Philadelphia is a proud partner of PTW2015, organized by Philly , coming to the city… continue reading

By CaitlinT   April 8, 2015   

Did you know that Eddie Van Halen, Michael Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln were issued patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office?  Eddie Van Halen (US4656917) patented a guitar… continue reading

By Sharyl O.   April 7, 2015   

Take a look at Parkway Central's computer class schedule for the month of April 2015. You're welcome to share these with your community! This month we're debuting Be Your Own… continue reading

By Perry G.   April 4, 2015   

Art: Fraktur: The colorful legacy of Pennsylvania Germans Right now, fraktur is getting major exposure, with shows at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Winterthur Museum, and the… continue reading

By Samantha M.   April 2, 2015