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You’ve most likely noticed when you visit your neighborhood library, all the books intended for school age children have a “j” label placed on the spine (sometimes… continue reading Four Young Ladies Show Courage

By written by Jeff B.    April 26, 2022   

It's the eve of the 20th season of  One Book, One Philadelphia , and the opening event is tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m., featuring a conversation… continue reading The One Book, One Philadelphia Kickoff Is Upon Us!

By written by Nell M.    April 26, 2022   

Written by Isabel S. April 23 marks the day that we traditionally celebrate William Shakespeare’s birth and deathday, though neither of those occasions are confirmed to have actually been on… continue reading Rosemary for Shakespeare

By written by Administrator    April 25, 2022   

Every day is a good day to learn about how you can take care of the Earth and put that knowledge into action. I think one of the reasons some people have trouble acknowledging holidays like… continue reading Happy Earth Day!

By written by Kamilah C.    April 22, 2022   

In the summer of 2019, my fiancée and I spent one weekend volunteering for the Special Olympics in New Jersey. He volunteered for the organization back when he is college and a couple… continue reading It's Volunteer Recognition Day!

By written by Kamilah C.    April 20, 2022   

Just in time for spring cleaning, N. C. Wyeth's The Old Woman Tost Up in a Basket is back on display in Up Above: Thinking About the Skies in Parkway Central Library. Creating and… continue reading Up Above: Thinking about the "Little Old Lady Tost Up in a Basket"

By written by Chris B.    April 19, 2022    2

It’s never too late to take personal inventory and check in with yourself. How is your mental health? When was the last time you drank some water or ate a fully balanced meal? Can you… continue reading April is Stress Awareness Month

By written by Kamilah C.    April 11, 2022   

In 2026, the country will commemorate the 250th anniversary of American independence. All eyes will be on Philadelphia as we recognize the historic events that occurred here in 1776. The Free… continue reading Get Ready: 2026 Starts Now!

By written by Janine P.    April 8, 2022   

Spring symbolizes resurrection. The awakening from Winter into new birth, new spirit, new possibilities. During April 2022 - Jazz Appreciation Month , Philadelphia Jazz Project in collaboration… continue reading Enjoy Philly Celebrates Jazz Month at the Free Library!

By written by Perry G.    April 8, 2022   

“La poesía es un espacio de libertad/ Poetry is a space of freedom”. Carlos José Pérez Sámano, Mexican poet and writer Poetry explores the language and its… continue reading The lyrical speaker: Finding your own voice through poetry!

By written by Mary Marques    April 7, 2022   

by Spencer Duncan, Digital Equity Vista at the Office of Innovation and Technology Helping Philadelphians get access to devices is a key goal in Philadelphia’s Digital Equity Plan . Experts… continue reading Find free or low-cost laptops and computers

By written by Administrator    April 7, 2022    3

April showers, as they say, bring May flowers, and we’ll be very glad to see them this year! But what else does April bring? It’s National Poetry Month , and there are so many ways to… continue reading In April, Every Day Is a Poem!

By written by Emily S.    April 6, 2022    2

It should come as no surprise that libraries are one of my favorite places in the whole wide world! Wherever I go, I always have to check out the local public library! I always feel… continue reading Picture Book Highlights | National Bookmobile Day

By written by Monica C.    April 6, 2022    1

Ah, Spring, that magical season when a young person's mind turns to thoughts of friendship, feelings, and free verse. No wonder April is Poetry Month! Here in Philadelphia, the days are… continue reading Novels-In-Verse Recommendations for Poetry Month

By written by Jeff B.    April 5, 2022   

"We are books. We are these vessels of information, stories, inspiration, love." — Mieka Moody, librarian and One Book selection committee member Reflecting on 20 years of the One… continue reading Watch 20 Years of One Book, One Philadelphia

By written by Brittanie S.    April 5, 2022   

It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year— National Library Week ! This year's theme is "Connect with your Library," celebrating libraries as places to connect to… continue reading Happy National Library Week!

By written by Kate C.    April 4, 2022   

Note: the use of "deaf" versus "Deaf" in this blog post is intentional. Deaf refers to the community and culture, while the lowercase deaf refers to the physical act of… continue reading Deaf History Month 2022

By written by Shelley R.    April 4, 2022