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Steve Wozniak discussed his new book, iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It , at the Free Library on Saturday,… continue reading

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Think you’re so smart? Well prove it. This October, the Free Library will partner with Verizon and After School Activities Partnerships to bring you Philly Plays Scrabble® , a month-long… continue reading

By Emily   September 29, 2006   

Frank Rich discussed his new book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold: The Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina , at the Free Library on September 26, at 8:00 p.m. H e took a few moments to… continue reading

By Administrator   September 28, 2006   

If last night's summit moved you to action, start with the House of Umoja's Imani Pledge of nonviolence. continue reading

By Emily   September 28, 2006   

Last night’s Talk About It!, Caught in the Crossfire: Kids and Violence in Philadelphia , was an electrifying event. Turnout was spectacular, with overflow crowds taking seats in the Main… continue reading

By Emily   September 28, 2006   

Nora Ephron discussed her new book, I Feel Bad About My Neck , at the Free Library on Thursday, September 21, at 8:00 p.m. She took a few moments to chat with the Free Library Blog. 1. What role… continue reading

By Administrator   September 27, 2006   

While other metropolitan cities have seen a decrease in rates of violence over the past several years, Philadelphia's have risen astronomically. Since January 1, 2006, the city has seen 290… continue reading

By Emily   September 27, 2006   

Why a blog? It’s our aim to make this site as interactive as possible, and a blog seems like the best way to do it. Come here daily to get the scoop on the many events, materials, and… continue reading

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