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You’ve been on the internet for weeks applying for jobs. But you never hear back from employers. Or maybe you had a great interview last week. You’re anxious to hear about the job, but… continue reading THE FOLLOW-UP: Is it the Missing Link in Your Job Search?

By written by Paul S.    September 29, 2009    15

Hi there! Paul Savedow here, your go-to librarian for career resources. I am the head of the Education, Religion, and Philosophy Department in the Parkway Central Library and run WORKPLACE… continue reading Workplace Tips

By written by Administrator    September 22, 2009    4

I know, I know. Tomorrow’s free lecture with Marjane Satrapi, author of this year’s One Book, One Philadelphia featured reading selection, has been on your calendar since we announced… continue reading 2010 One Book Author Visits Parkway Central Tomorrow!

By written by Shannon G    September 22, 2009    1

Just minutes ago, the Pennsylvania State senate passed bill 1828 by a vote of 32 to 17. For all of you who have been following the saga over the city's budget crisis, this is indeed the… continue reading Breaking News - Legislation to keep libraries open passes!

By written by Kathleen    September 17, 2009    63

If the Pennsylvania Senate does not pass House Bill 1828 by Friday morning, September 18, the City of Philadelphia will issue layoff notices to 3,000 employees, including most of the staff of the… continue reading Telephone numbers for Supporters to call

By written by Kathleen    September 16, 2009    5

While a vote on House Bill 1828 has not be scheduled (as of the time of this posting), we are monitoring the situation closely and will share with you any news that we receive.… continue reading Brief Afternoon Update on PA Budget and House Bill 1828

By written by Kathleen    September 15, 2009    3

  Now for some positive news about the Free Library of Philadelphia (finally). The Library and the Mayor’s Office just named Marjane Satrapi’s The Complete… continue reading Get Ready for One Book, One Philadelphia!

By written by Shannon G    September 15, 2009    6

The news that the entire Free Library of Philadelphia system is in jeopardy of closing on October 2 has resonated throughout the virtual world. People are expressing their dismay over the loss of… continue reading Word Spreads of Free Library's Possible Closing

By written by Kathleen    September 14, 2009    2

The current stalemate in Harrisburg over the two requests for legislation to help the City's budget will cause 53 Library facilities to close at the end of the day Friday, October 2nd unless… continue reading Library Facing Crisis

By written by Sandy H.    September 11, 2009    4

EBSCO is now offering free access to Swine Flu research . This free flu information is grouped by information for physicians, nurses and patients.  The patient information is available in 17… continue reading H1N1 (Swine) Flu Data Available for Free!

By written by Jen W.    September 9, 2009    7