Late summer Sundays, when time seems to run like molasses and the air is thick with stagnant heat—it’s not always the most inspiring time of year, is it? But the Free Library is… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 29, 2010    4

Maybe you’ve seen him hanging out on the front steps of Parkway Central Library as you stop by to check out the latest bestseller, attend an author event, or listen to classical… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 28, 2010    1

Are you looking for in-depth, unbiased information about the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill? Click on the image below to be taken to the Gale website, one of our resource partners. You… continue reading

By Camille T.   July 27, 2010   

A tour de force in children’s literature not only for the Free Library of Philadelphia, but also for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and library systems nationwide, Children's Services… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 26, 2010    5

Veteran broadcast and print journalist Daniel Schorr passed away today in Washington, D.C. at the age of 93. A tenacious and respected reporter, Schorr received three Emmy Awards for his coverage… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 23, 2010   

Starting today, you will find a new link for "Book Description & Reviews" for items in our catalog. When you click the link, a new window will open, displaying reviews from our… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 22, 2010   

RSS--which stands for Really Simple Syndication--is a web format that allows data from frequently updated works, like blog entries, news headlines, and audio and video content to be viewed in a… continue reading

By Camille T.   July 22, 2010    2

Library services may be free, but their value to users is enormous. The Free Library of Philadelphia is working with the Fels Institute of Government to put a value on the resources and services… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 21, 2010    2

We have some exciting news for smart phone users! If you access the Free Library's website using a web-enabled device, you will find new features tailored for view on your iPhone, Blackberry,… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 20, 2010    1

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” These words of compassion spoken by… continue reading

By Michelle S.   July 16, 2010    1

Last week, I posted a few of my favorite French films , and this week I thought I'd share some of my favorite films set in London. Click on the film title to request material from the Free… continue reading

By Camille T.   July 14, 2010    5

Starting today you can update the email address we currently have on file for you by logging into your My Account . If you have an email address on file with us, you can: receive email reminders… continue reading

By Alix G.   July 7, 2010    8

On my first day of high school, all freshmen had to select a foreign lanaguage to study. I knew my parents wanted me to take Spanish, but I had my heart set on French. The summer before high… continue reading

By Camille T.   July 7, 2010    4

Head over to Parkway Central Library on Friday, June 2, at 2 p.m. for a special screening of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief in the Montgomery Auditorium. The film, based on… continue reading

By Alix G.   July 2, 2010    1

Want to learn about the culture, history, and politics in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia? Then listen to newsmakers@Central including: Andrew Bacevich | The Limits of Power: The End of… continue reading

By Camille T.   June 30, 2010   

You may have heard about the 2010 World Expo that opened in Shanghai in May. Did you know that there was a world expo in Philadelphia in 1876? That exposition celebrated the centennial of the… continue reading

By Karen L.   June 18, 2010    6

Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago passed away today at the age of 87. The first Portuguese-language writer to win the Nobel Prize, Saramago reached international acclaim with… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 18, 2010    1

I am an iPhone user and recently decided that I had to invest in an iPad as well.  For two weeks I have been exploring everything about my new gadget and have a few tips for Library lovers… continue reading

By Jen W.   June 18, 2010    21

  We love hearing about the many ways the Free Library has impacted individuals across our city and about how much they value our treasured institution. Recently, we were delighted to read an… continue reading

By Alix G.   June 17, 2010    7

Aspiring writers and avid readers, take note! Next Tuesday, Oak Lane Branch is hosting an evening with the Liars Club , a group of local authors. Don’t miss your chance to learn about the… continue reading

By Shannon G   June 17, 2010    4

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