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Three-time Caldecott Award-winning illustrator and creator of the poster image for the first annual Philadelphia Book Festival , David Wiesner recently took a few minutes to sit down with us and… continue reading Meet David Wiesner

By written by Communications Office    April 20, 2007   

April 15th is more than America's usual "tax day"; it's also the anniversary of the day that Jackie Robinson first took the field with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and broke Major League Baseball's… continue reading Honoring Jackie Robinson

By written by Communications Office    April 19, 2007   

At 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 21, at the Target Children’s Stage, 6abc’s Monica Malpass and Karen Rogers will emcee the Storybook Character Parade. Kids will delight in meeting and… continue reading Meet Your Imaginary Friends at the Philadelphia Book Festival

By written by Communications Office    April 17, 2007   

Cormac McCarthy's The Road won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Check out the entire list of winners here . continue reading Cormac McCarthy Wins Big

By written by Emily    April 16, 2007   

According to the American Library Association, the nation's libraries have served two billion customers ! continue reading Take that McDonald's!

By written by Emily    April 16, 2007   

Emily Dickinson is considered to be one of the greatest American poets, specifically of the 19th century. Many facts are known about her life, but nuances continue to be shrouded in mystery. She… continue reading Poet of the Week | Emily Dickinson

By written by Administrator    April 13, 2007   

"All time is all time. It does not change. It does not lend itself to warnings or explanations. It simply is. Take it moment by moment, and you will find that we are all, as I've said before, bugs… continue reading In Memory of Kurt Vonnegut

By written by Communications Office    April 12, 2007   

Will Schwalbe and David Shipley, co-authors of Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home , describe at least seven communication situations in which they advise one to step away from… continue reading Drowning in Email? Pick up the Phone.

By written by Communications Office    April 11, 2007   

Do you celebrate National Library Week? We do. It's an excellent time to celebrate the contributions of libraries, librarians, and all of the people who work at libraries across the country. Below… continue reading National Library Week | April 15 - 21

By written by Emily    April 10, 2007   

On Tuesday , April 17 at 8:00 p.m. , Walter Isaacson will be here at the Central Library's Montgomery Auditorium to discuss his latest book, Einstein: His Life and Universe, which was just… continue reading Walter Isaacson Gets Some Love in the New York Times

By written by Emily    April 9, 2007   

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Iowa’s Spencer Public Library Director, Vicki Myron, will co-author a book about its most famous “employee,” Dewey Readmore Books.… continue reading The Million-Dollar Library Cat

By written by Communications Office    April 5, 2007    2

It's hard to imagine that we weren't aware of BookMooch before today, but then again, the internet is a wild and wacky place and sometimes a gem falls through the cracks. If you're a bibliophile,… continue reading What Will They Think of Next?

By written by Emily    April 3, 2007   

You may have noticed that we here at the Free Library Blog have a thing for poetry. In short, we're all about it. And for us, the fact that April is National Poetry Month sort of makes up for… continue reading National Poetry Month

By written by Administrator    April 2, 2007   

  Peter Meinke is a contemporary author who has penned fourteen books of poems and short stories, and received two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, the Flannery O'Connor… continue reading Poet of the Week--Peter Meinke

By written by Administrator    March 30, 2007   

Do you like to put books on hold to pick up at your local branch? We'd like to remind you that the Free Library can notify you by email when your books arrive. However, you must provide the… continue reading Notification of Holds

By written by Emily    March 30, 2007    1

Guess who is coming to the Free Library's first annual Philadelphia Book Festival ? That's right--the godmother of punk herself--Patti Smith! continue reading Patti Smith and the FLP

By written by Emily    March 29, 2007   

On March 31, the Central Library will host its annual exhibition, lecture, and fundraiser for the Print and Picture Collection (named to honor its distinguished Curator Emeritus, Robert Looney),… continue reading The 8th Robert F. Looney Memorial Event and Exhibition

By written by Emily    March 26, 2007   

This week, in celebration of Improv Week, the Free Library will hold two evenings of comedic improvisation (tonight at 7:00 p.m. and Wednesday, March 28th, at 7:00 p.m.) with Philadelphia's… continue reading Improv on the Parkway

By written by Emily    March 26, 2007   

Strange bedfellows, it's true. However, the Brooklyn Public Library and Netflix, Inc. might just make it work. continue reading Netflix and Libraries???

By written by Emily    March 23, 2007   

Paul Celan (born Paul Antesche) was born in Romania in 1920. He was raised in a Jewish family speaking Romanian, French, and Russian. When World War II began, his family was deported to the Nazi… continue reading Poet of the Week--Paul Celan

By written by Administrator    March 22, 2007   

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