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In a perfect world, books dealing with stress and trauma for children would go unneeded.  We are, however, reminded daily that is not the case.  Whether it is anxiety at home or exposure… continue reading

By Sarah S.   June 30, 2015   

By Mary W. Juneteenth is a celebration of emancipation from slavery in Texas on June 19, 1865. This year marks the 150 th anniversary. Some non-fiction children’s books that explain this… continue reading

By Michelle S.   June 19, 2015   

Post written by Mary W. Most of us have read, or at least heard of, Heather Has Two Mommies by Lesléa Newman and Laura Cornell, which was recently reissued this year. In addition to… continue reading

By Michelle S.   June 12, 2015   

Need another place to find book reviews for great new children’s books? Well, good news! The Free Library of Philadelphia has an exciting new feature in The Notebook , the newspaper for… continue reading

By Sarah S.   June 9, 2015   

We’re taking a break from our normal book reviews to look at our historical collections at the Free Library. The Children’s Literature Research Collection (CLRC) houses premier… continue reading

By Sarah S.   April 30, 2015    3

Happy Women's History Month! Anyone who has any contact with children is aware of the incredible popularity of Disney’s Frozen . One of the movie’s appeals is the strong female… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 26, 2015    1

This month's children's book reviews are written by Stephanie Bujak, Children's Librarian at the  Cecil B. Moore Library , who loves to share chapter books with her son. Some… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 6, 2015   

Last weekend in Chicago, a room full of children's and teen librarians erupted in cheers, gasps, and wild applause for the newest batch of books chosen for the Youth Media Awards, administered… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 6, 2015   

Get ready to rock, roll, dance, and dream this summer as our Sundays on Stage FREE performance series returns this weekend! This series of free performances for children, families, and adults is… continue reading

By Rachel F.   January 23, 2015    1

Robert San Souci (pronounced "san soo-see") passed away on December 19 th , leaving a large hole in the world of children’s authors.  Many people will recognize San… continue reading

By Sarah S.   January 2, 2015   

This winter break, the Free Library of Philadelphia encourages you to spend some quality time with your children reading some great books together! Shared reading time is great way for your child… continue reading

By Michelle S.   December 18, 2014    2

As a children's librarian, I frequently get asked for books and resources that parents can use to help explain current events to their children, especially troubling events. Here is… continue reading

By Rachel F.   November 25, 2014   

Children's Books Starring Children with Disabilities The authors of these three coming of age stories seem to be heeding the advice of, “Write what you know,” attributed to… continue reading

By Sarah S.   November 7, 2014   

Bonjour! Al Salaam A'alaykum! Ciao! Jambo! Today’s children’s book reviews highlight kids’ books which feature multiple languages. Mostly for English language-speaking… continue reading

By Sarah S.   October 3, 2014   

Happy first week of fall! Leaves are getting crunchy, the air is getting chilly, and we're ready to settle in for a bit of cozy reading. Here are some of our favorite children's books… continue reading

By Sarah S.   September 23, 2014   

Which is better? The book or the movie? We librarians love this question, and most of us have strong opinions concerning movies based on our favorite books. Here are a couple upcoming movies based… continue reading

By Sarah S.   September 16, 2014   

August 15th marks the 75th anniversary of the Hollywood premiere of The Wizard of Oz at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre. To say that the story, both the original L. Frank Baum novel and… continue reading

By Peter SM   August 15, 2014   

Today is the last day of the Free Library of Philadelphia Summer Reading program, and it’s been quite the whirlwind of fun! Between story times, camp visits, movies, LEGO clubs, art… continue reading

By Sarah S.   August 8, 2014    1

It's summer time and that means time to get in the water!  Some kids are very comfortable playing in the pool right from the start, while others need a little encouragement getting their… continue reading

By Monica C.   July 15, 2014    1

For young ladies, a princess-themed storytime is always a hit.  But for parents (and some unnamed librarians) reading each pink-laced page can be a bit of a saccharine overload.  Why not… continue reading

By Sarah S.   July 11, 2014   

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