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CANCELLED | Going Zero Waste

Mon, January 14, 2019 6:30 P.M.
Fumo Family Library

Lynn Landes, publisher of, will talk about how we can all live a more “zero waste” lifestyle.  Lynn promotes the cloth handkerchief, has a “just take it off” make-up mantra, uses Ground Ivy (a common mint) to clean her floors and repel rodents, washes her dishes with buckwheat flour (a mild abrasive), and forages for many wild edible plants.  She will share these and many more of her unique methods of zeroing out her waste stream.  Lynn Landes is a Philadelphia-based writer, researcher, reporter, and activist in the fields of the environment, health, and politics. 

Fumo Family Library
2437 South Broad Street (Porter & Broad St.)
Philadelphia, PA 19148-3508

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