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Simplify Your Life with a Little Help from the Free Library!

It's officially National Simplify Your Life Week , and I'm sure we can all use some tips to make our lives simpler all year round! When I reflect on how to simply my life, I think about the things that make me happy and how I…

How the Free Library Can Help During Self-Improvement Month

We at the Free Library love celebrating monthly themes, especially when they tie in to our resources! September – in addition to being National Library Card Sign-Up Month – is Self-Improvement Month, and it got us thinking…

Feng Shui 101!

Come and see how to move your chi! Join us for a fun and informative session all about Feng Shui. Learn how you can use this ancient Chinese practice to improve all aspects of your life - from relationships to money. You’ll get a…

Hypnosis & Your Health: Everything You Wanted to Know

Eric Spiegel, Ph.D. will speak about his experience with hypnosis and its portrayal in the media.  Eric Spiegel, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and practice director of  Attune Philadelphia Therapy Group .  He is…

Cutting Clutter - Straighten Up at Work

Stop paper pile-ups and e-mail overload.

Cutting Clutter - Home Storage

If you can't toss it, learn how to stow it.

Cutting Clutter - Organize Your Life

From time management to mental feng shui.

Cutting Clutter - Clean House

Cut the clutter and keep it that way.