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This page gives you access to all of the Free Library of Philadelphia's social media sites. You can also download cover images for your Facebook page, and wallpapers and screensavers for your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Check back often!

Social Networking

Connect with the library on various social networks.

May Downloads

Nook Simple Touch Screensaver Instructions

Do you enjoy downloading e-books from the library on your Nook? Why don't you try downloading screensavers for your Nook from the library! Installing screensavers is easy - Select the image(s) you want below and save it to your computer. Now plug in your Nook to your computer via usb. Open the Nook folder. In the "screensavers" folder, create a new folder with any name. Add the images to the new folder — if you add multiple images your Nook will cycle through them! Now, eject and disconnect your Nook. On the Nook, go to Settings > Screen > Screensaver and you should see your new folder.

Desktop Wallpaper Instructions

Desktop wallpaper is an image used as the background on your computer screen. Choose the image you want below (select the appropriate link for your screen resolution). When the image loads, click on the image with the right mouse button and select Set as Background and the image will be set as your new wallpaper.

Other Cool Stuff

Our Blog

The Free Library of Philadelphia is dedicated to providing both online and in-person visitors with open access to its vast resources. With the many dimensions a blog provides, we can further illuminate our programs, speakers, and offerings through enhanced linkage, photographic, and commentary capabilities. We've included information and opinions about books and DVDs, foreign language materials, electronic resources…everything that sits on our shelves, virtual and physical, new and not-so-new, classic and currently popular. What about you? Have an opinion about books you've read or films you've seen that you want to share? If so, we encourage you to post comments on our blog.

Our Podcast

The Free Library Podcast is an easy way to participate in the author events and lectures that take place at the Central Library. You can subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or grab the RSS feed.

Our RSS Feeds

The Free Library's RSS feeds provide automatic updates on selected Library lectures and events. You will need a news reader to access the feeds.

Free Library of Cats

Here is the full gallery of Free Library employees' cats from our April Fool's Day 2014 prank.