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Ben Franklin on the Internet
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  • The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. – The full text of "The Private Life of the Late Benjamin Franklin, LL.D.", first published a year after his death. (Eserver Books)
  • Benjamin Franklin | PBS – Benjamin Franklin: An extraordinary Life, an Electric Mind.: A witty, interactive site that appeals to both children and adults. (Twin Cities Public Television, Inc.)
  • Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary – Ben Franklin: In Search of a Better World: Use this site to learn about events, publications, web links and images related to the celebration of Ben's 300th birthday.
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids – Ben makes government easy for big and little kids to understand. (Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office)
  • Clusty's Benjamin Franklin Portal – A useful site for students and teachers looking for a variety of Franklin sites and resources. You can easily search all of Franklin's writings that are available on the Web.
  • The Electric Ben Franklin – The essential Ben website. Everything about him plus a whole page of links to additional internet resources. (Independence Hall Association)
  • Penn in the Age of Franklin. – A close-up look at documents relating to the early history of the university Ben helped found. (University of Pennsylvania Library in collaboration with the University Archives and Records Center)
  • The World of Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man: His family tree, inventions, accomplishments, and legacy in today's world. (Franklin Institute Science Museum)