Adults require only one piece of valid identification if it is one of the following valid Pennsylvania State IDs:
     Driver's License
     Non-Driver Photo Identification Card
     Official Photo Voter ID
Adults can also use two items of valid ID that support each other in listing name and address. Photo ID is preferred.
• Pennsylvania library card
• Armed Forces ID card
• Current bank statement or personal checks with printed name and address
•Birth certificate
•Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization
 • Credit card
• Employee photo ID card
• Current letter of ID on letterhead from an employer, school official, teacher, rental manager, shelter manager
• Latest local utility or tax bill
• Photo school ID
•Current rental lease
•Insurance card or PA vehicle registration
•Mail postmarked within the past 30 days (including envelope library card came in)
•Medicare/Medicaid card
•Patient treatment card from a local hospital or clinic
•Professional, vocational or union photo ID
•Public Health or Public Assistance Papers
•Latest landline telephone bill or cable bill
•Official State ID (other than PA)
 • Non Photo Voter ID
Not acceptable:
     Post Office box as proof of address. Identification with permanent address is required, although a PO Box can be used as a mailing address.
     Cell/mobile phone or pager bill
     Social Security card
Teens, ages 12-17, and children ages 11 and under (if applicable) may also provide the following:
•Current library card (if address is still current)
•Current school photo ID
•Current report card
•Working papers
• School roster
• Teacher’s class list during school visit with teacher present
• In-person parental identification