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Philadelphia Flower Show: Celebrating 175 Years by Rogers, Raymond
Notes: The queen of all such events, the Philadelphia Flower Show celebrates its illustrious 175-year reign as the world's largest indoor flower show with a sumptuous, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the makings of a horticultural extravaganza. Dazzling artistic photographs complement the fascinating accounts of the show's venerable history and lavish production.
ISBN: 0060575131
Publisher: HarperResource
Published: 2003
Pages: 243
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Century of Philadelphia Sports by Westcott, Rich
Notes: Unprecedented in its breadth and sweep, A Century of Philadelphia Sports covers the big-time teams and events and also amateur and college sports.
ISBN: 1566398614
Publisher: Temple UP
Published: 2001
Callnumber: 796.0974 W522C
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Philadelphia Jewish Life, 1940-2000 by friedman, Murray
Notes: In this new edition, Friedman takes the history of Philadelphia Jewish life to the close of the twentieth century, and looks back on how Jews have shapedand have been shaped byPhiladelphia and its long immigrant history.
ISBN: 1566399998
Publisher: Temple University Press
Published: 2003
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Five Days in Philadelphia by Peters, Charles
Notes: Telling the story of the Republican convention of 1940, Peters recounts how Wendell Willkie - the only internationalist in a field of avowed isolationists -- wrested the Republican nod from the grip of Dewey, Taft and Vandenberg, each of whom was implacably opposed to providing material assistance to the Allies as the Nazi juggernaut marched across Europe.
ISBN: 1586481126
Publisher: Public Affairs
Published: 2005
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Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell by Golden, Jane
Notes: In this lavishly illustrated chronicle of the Mural Arts Program, you will see the murals in all of their beauty and learn about their inspiring legacies in neighborhoods throughout the city. Go behind the scenes to find out how murals are made and why the process is as much an art of diplomacy and consensus building as paint and perspective. Discover through pictures and text how murals give communities a new way to define themselves, not in terms of the streets and intersections that border them, but in terms of the people who came together to create something of dramatic beauty.
ISBN: 1566399513
Publisher: Temple UP
Published: 2002
Pages: 160
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Buried Past: an Archaeological History of Philadelphia by Cotter, John L.
Notes: This book is the result of thirty years of urban archaeology in the greater Philadelphia area. More that 150 sites are covered in this treasure hunt for anyone interested in the history of the city.
ISBN: 0812231422
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
Published: 1992
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Code of the Street: Decency, Violence, and the Moral Life of the Inner City by Anderson, Elijah
Notes: As sociologist Elijah Anderson shows in this detailed and devastating account, the senseless crime in the inner city represents a complex, though ultimately self-defeating, set of social mores. He moves through the middle- and lower-class Philadelphia neighborhoods with ease, interviewing a variety of subjects, all of whom deal daily with consequences of urban decay
ISBN: 0393320782
Publisher: W.W. Norton and Co.
Published: 2000
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House on Fire: the Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul by Jackson, John A.
Notes: In his latest meticulously detailed slice of pop music history, Jackson focuses on the creation, expansion and dissolution of Philadelphia International Records, whose songs and artists dominated soul and pop airwaves throughout the 1970s.
ISBN: 0195149726
Publisher: Oxford UP
Published: 2004
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I Choose to Stay: a Black Teacher Refuses to Desert the Inner City by Thomas-El, Salome
Notes: Thomas-EL grew up one of eight siblings in a single-parent household in a Philadelphia housing project. He ends up returning to that same neighborhood to teach at an elementary school with all the social ills that have driven many teachers out of inner-city schools. In this inspirational story, Thomas-EL recounts his childhood, his determination to escape the deprivations of his surroundings, and his commitment to help other disadvantaged youth.
ISBN: 0758201869
Published: 2004
Callnumber: 373.0924 T368I
Executing Justice : an Inside Account of the Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal by Williams, Daniel R.
Notes: Comprehensive and forthcoming about the tangle of legal maneuvers and missteps in his controversial trial, Williams, the death row inmate's defense lawyer and chief case strategist, offers a slew of previously unrevealed details about the lengthy battle to appeal Abu-Jamal's 1982 conviction for the murder of a Philadelphia policeman.
ISBN: 0312283172
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin
Published: 2002