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Everything You Need To Know About Latino History by Novas, Himilce
Notes: Detailed information in a question-and-answer format on political, social and economic trends that affect Hispanic Americans.
ISBN: 0452284325
Callnumber: 973.0468 N857e2
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Latino Literacy by De Varona, Frank
Notes: Latino contributions to literature, art, theatre, dance, food, and the history of the United States.
ISBN: 0805038590
Callnumber: 973.0468 D491l
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Latino Arts and Their Influence on the United States by Makosz, Rory
Notes: Explores Latino contributions to the arts in America, with an emphasis on music and dance.
ISBN: 1590849388
Callnumber: 700.8968M289l
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Wachale! : Poetry and Prose on Growing Up Latino in the United States by Stavans, Ilan (editor)
Notes: A bilingual collection of poems, stories and other writings that celebrate the diversity of Latino culture.
ISBN: 0812647505
Callnumber: 810.9 W113s
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Latino Holiday Book From Cinco De Mayo to Dia De Los Muertos by Menuard, Valerie
Notes: Hispanic holidays from Cinco de Mayo the the feast day of the Virgin of Guadelupe with traditions, recipes and crafts for each holiday.
ISBN: 1569246467
Callnumber: 394.2608 M521L
Americanos: Latino Life in the United States = La Vida Latina En Los Estados Unidos by Olmos, Edward James
Notes: A beautiful photographic essay on everyday life in Hispanic America.
ISBN: 0316649147
Callnumber: 305.868 O15a
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Hispanic American Almanac: a Reference Work on Hispanics in the United States by Benson, Sonia G. (editor)
Notes: An up-to-date reference work and statistical portrait on Latinos in the United States. Available for in-Library Reference Only.
ISBN: 0787625183
Callnumber: 973.0468 H625aa 3rd 2003
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The Puerto Rican Nation on the Move: Identities on the Island and in the United States by Duany, Jorge
Notes: An indepth discussion on Puerto Rican identity written by an anthropologist.
ISBN: 0807827045
Callnumber: 972.9505 D85p
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The Dominican Americans by Dwyer, Christopher
Notes: The history, culture and contributions of people from the Dominican Republic.
ISBN: 0877548722
Callnumber: 973.0468 D977d
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The Latino Wave: How Hispanics Will Elect the Next American President by Ramos, Jorge
Notes: Mexican American journalist Jorge Ramos argues that Hispanics have gained enough political influence to decide the next Presidential election.
ISBN: 0060572019
Callnumber: 305.868 R147l