Asian Americans: Asian Cultural Traditions and Celebrations
Background on Asian cultural traditions and holidays

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Ten Mice for Tet by Shea , Pegi Deitz and Cynthia Weill
Notes: A village of mice prepares for Tet, or Vietnamese New Year, with gifts, foods and traditional ways. Preschool.
ISBN: 0811834964
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Published: 2003
Callnumber: jE 394.2614 Sh31t
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Cultural Journeys: Traditions From China by Mamdani, Shelby
Notes: This book full of beautiful photographs discusses such topics as traditional Chinese food, clothing, dance, and religion and festivals. 3rd grade and up.
ISBN: 0817253831
Callnumber: j305.4095 M31c
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Celebrating Chinese New Year by Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane
Notes: Ever wanted to know all about Chinese New Year? This book presents basic facts like the Chinese calendar and zodiac symbols, and discusses various aspects of the celebration, such as food, music, dance, and ritual.
ISBN: 0823413934
Callnumber: j394.261 H856c
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Celebrate Chinese New Year by Ule, Elaine
Notes: Follow the experience of a boy named Ryan as he celebrates Chinese New Year, including honoring ancestors, activities at school, preparing the menu for family dinner, and watching the lion dance and Chinese New Year Parade. 4th grade and up.
ISBN: 9780766025776
Callnumber: j394.261 K959c
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Traditional Crafts From Japan by Temko, Florence
Notes: Explains the meaning of Japanese culture which is found in eight traditional handicrafts and provides instructions for creating them. 3rd grade and up.
ISBN: 0822529386
Callnumber: j745.0952 T24t
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Japanese Crafts and Customs: a Seasonal Approach by Ekiguchi, Kunio
Notes: Explore Japanese crafts and customs through the year.
ISBN: 4770016875
Callnumber: 745.5941 EK33JC
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A Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Family Recipes by Roda, Ha
Notes: The author shares traditional Vietnamese recipes in this cookbook with attractive illustratons and easy-to-follow directions.
ISBN: 0781810817
Callnumber: 641.5959 R61V
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Asian Holidays by Winchester, Faith
Notes: The book describes eight festivals celebrated in Asia, including various New Year's festivals, Ch'ing Ming, and Buddha's birthday. For Grades 1 to 3.
ISBN: 1560654589
Callnumber: J394.2695 W721A
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Look What We've Brought You From India: Crafts, Games, Recipes, Stories and Other Cultural Activities From Indian Americans by Shalant, Phyllis
Notes: Explore Indian culture with children through games, food, crafts and other fun activities. 3rd grade and up
ISBN: 0382394631
Callnumber: j954 Sh16L
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Asian Bites: a Feast of Flavors From Turkey to India to Japan by Kine, Tom
Notes: Sample delicious recipes from diverse Asian cultures.
ISBN: 9780756633844
Callnumber: 641.595 K57a