Music Business: Promoting Your Music
Getting signed; independent labels and releasing; music promotion on music and social networking sites

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Promoting Your Music : the Lovin' of the Game by May, Tom and Dick Weissman
Notes: Tom May and Dick Weissman cover how to go about getting bookings, copyrighting and protecting your songs, making promotional recordings, getting radio and print coverage and negotiating contracts. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780415977579
Publisher: Routledge
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 780.2373 M451P
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Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook : 201 Self-Promotion Ideas for Songwriters, Musicians, and Bands on a Budget by Baker, Bob
Notes: This book is a classic guide to independent music promotion with tips and ideas for every aspect of marketing your music: increasing sales, financing your recording project, creating publicity materials, music videos, and equipment purchases and a lot more. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780971483859
Publisher: Spotlight Publications
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 780.2373 B171GH
Making and Marketing Music : the Musician's Guide to Financing, Distributing, and Promoting Albums by Summers, Jodi
Notes: Explains what it takes to break into radio, TV, and print media, and shows how to take advantage of the growing opportunities to promote, market, and distribute music online. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9781581150155
Publisher: Allworth Press
Published: 1999
Callnumber: 789.912 Su64m
This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion by Lathrop, Tad
Notes: Using examples from the real world, Tad Lathrop discusses promotional skills, publicity plans, royalty guidelines, and many more facets of music marketing, with an eye toward integrating your marketing strategies with new opportunities created by the internet. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780823077298
Publisher: Billboard Books
Published: 2003
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Get Media Airplay : a Guide to Getting Song Exposure, Music/product Tie-Ins, and Radio-Play Spins by Davis, Rick
Notes: One media master's perspective on how to expose and publicize your recordings as an up-and-coming artist: finding creative ways to get audience and industry attention you need to get your songs on the radio and on television.
ISBN: 9781423413080
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Published: 2006
Callnumber: 780.2373 D296g
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MySpace for Musicians by Vincent, Fran
Notes: For every artist, band, session musician, label, publisher, manager, and company looking to use MySpace to its fullest potential, this book teaches how to best use the social networking site for effective promotion, distribution, and marketing of your music.
ISBN: 9781598633597
Publisher: Thomson Course Technology
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 780.285 V743m
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The Musician's Internet : On-Line Strategies for Success in the Music Industry by Spellman, Peter
Notes: A hands-on guide to promoting and building a fan base for your music on the Internet that shows you how to create a professional website, share music downloads, sell and license music online, broadcast on Internet radio, webcast live concerts, create streaming audio, get an online record deal, and much more. Limited availability.
ISBN: 063403586x
Publisher: Berklee Press
Published: 2002
Callnumber: 780.285 Sp32m
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All Area Access : Personal Management for Unsigned Musicians by Davison, Marc
Notes: Marc Davison provides a good beginning book for unsigned musicians with practical advice about starting a band, booking gigs, press and the media, recording, copyrights, merchandising, touring, finances, managers, agents, record deals, and other aspects of marketing yourself as an artist and marketing your music. Limited availability
ISBN: 0793581346
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Published: 1997
Callnumber: 780.23 D298a