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Music and Copyright by Frith, Simon and Lee Marshall
Notes: Copyright is analyzed and discussed by composers, performers, producers and bootleggers, who examine the relationship between the global entertainment industry and local musical practices in light of how we view copyright and intellectual property.
ISBN: 9780415972536
Publisher: Routledge
Published: 2004
Pages: vi, 218 p. : ill.
Callnumber: 346.7304 M973a
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Hey, That's My Music! : Music Supervision, Licensing, and Content Acquisition by Wentz, Brooke
Notes: This book details the do's and don'ts of music licensing in films, television, video games, and commercials and defines music licensing and rights issues for musicians and music supervisors.
ISBN: 9781423422129
Publisher: Hal Leonard Books
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 780.2373 W488H
The Future of Music : Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution by Kusek, David
Notes: The Future of Music looks at current trends in the music industry and paints a picture of where the digital music revolution is taking it and how artists and industry executives will have to adapt to an entirely different model of promoting, selling, and distributing music with new technologies. Limited availability.
ISBN: 087639059
Publisher: Berklee Press
Published: 2005
Callnumber: 780.23 K968f
Songwriter's Market by Hatfield, Greg, ed.
Notes: The definitive guide for songwriters on where and how to market your songs with listings of publishers, record companies, producers, agents, and other contacts in the music industry as well as articles and interviews by professionals in the business (updated annually). Limited availability (newest edition Reference only).
ISBN: 9781582975474
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
Published: 1979-2009
Callnumber: 784.05 So58m
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Your First Cut : a Step-By-Step Guide to Getting There by Vandiver, Jerry and Gracie Hollombe
Notes: A workbook designed to guide and encourage aspiring songwriters in getting their songs recorded by major label recording artists, outlining step-by-step processes that help them track their progress toward the "first cut."
ISBN: 097177451X
Publisher: 11/22 Publishing
Published: 2002
Callnumber: 784.028 V287y
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How to Have Your Hit Song Published by Warner, Jay
Notes: A step-by-step guide for songwriters navigating the business of music publishing with advice on how to win over publishers, producers, and record executives and get your songs published and recorded.
ISBN: 9781423411994
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Published: 2006
Callnumber: 784.028 W245h
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This Business of Songwriting by Blume, Jason
Notes: A detailed explanation of the songwriting business with definitions of industry terms, an explanation of singles and album charts, and step-by-step guides for starting a publishing company and for pitching songs to artists, publishers, and executives.
ISBN: 9780823077595
Publisher: Billboard Books
Published: 2006
Callnumber: 784.028 B625t
Making It in the Music Business : the Business and Legal Guide for Songwriters and Performers by Wilson, Lee
Notes: This business and legal guide for songwriters and performers with practical advice and strategies for avoiding copyright infringement, working with managers and music lawyers, contracts and legal agreements, and internet copyright issues.
ISBN: 9781581153170
Publisher: Allworth
Published: 2004
Callnumber: 780.2373 W695m3
The Future of the Music Business : How to Succeed With the New Digital Technologies : a Guide for Artists and Entrepreneurs by Gordon, Steve
Notes: Entertainment attorney Steve Gordon guides artists and entrepreneurs through emerging opportunities to distribute, license, and sell music, discusses new business and digital delivery models, the latest legal developments in copyright and digital music law, and explains how aspiring musicians, established artists, independent labels, and entrepreneurs can take advantage of new technologies and opportunities in the music business. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780879308445
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Published: 2005
Callnumber: 780.688 G658f
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The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing by Wixen, Randall D.
Notes: Wixen lays out the essentials of the music publishing business, discussing copyright, licensing, royalties, and more in a clear and candid style to help songwriters succeed in today's music industry.
ISBN: 9780634090547
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Published: 2005
Callnumber: 070.5794 W791p