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Managing Your Band : Artist Management : the Ultimate Responsibility by Marcone, Stephen
Notes: A very comprehensive book covering publicity, marketing, touring, merchandising, contracts, trademarks, branding and record companies. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780965125048
Publisher: HiMarks
Published: 2006
Pages: 344 p. : ill.
Callnumber: 780.23 M333m3
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This Business of Music by Krasilovsky, M. William and Sydney Shemel
Notes: The granddaddy of music business books is now in its 10th edition. This is written by attorneys and strongly covers the legal issues in this field. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780823077236
Publisher: Billboard
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 338.4778 K864t4
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Legal Aspects of the Music Industry by Schulenberg, Richard
Notes: A comprehensive reference with in-depth discussions of every important music industry contract issue, including group agreements, live performances, free music on the Internet, the effect of the Millennium Copyright Act, ancillary rights, independent record labels, artists' rebellion and lawsuits against record labels and contracts, and the industry-wide downturn in record sales. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780823083640
Publisher: Billboard
Published: 2005
Callnumber: 343.7307 Sch81L2
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All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Passman, Donald S.
Notes: One of the most widely-read general titles on different aspects of the music business, now in its 6th edition.
ISBN: 9780743293181
Publisher: Free Press
Published: 2006
Callnumber: 780.2373 P267a6
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Music Business Made Simple : a Guide to Becoming a Recording Artist by Rudsenske, J. Scott
Notes: Entertainment attorney J.S. "Skip" Rudsenske provides insight about the industry and practical tools for musicians looking to begin a professional recording career.
ISBN: 0825672953
Publisher: Schirmer Trade Books
Published: 2004
Callnumber: 780.23 R835M
Start and Run Your Own Record Label by Schwartz, Daylle Deanna
Notes: This guidebook covers every aspect of starting, owning, and operating a record label, including financing your label, signing artists, music promotion, and legal affairs.
ISBN: 9780823079247
Publisher: Billboard Books
Published: 1998
Callnumber: 780.2373 Sch95s
Getting Signed! : an Insider's Guide to the Record Industry by Howard, George
Notes: Producer and musician George Howard provides practical advice for aspiring recording artists about landing a record deal--from preparing your music, to targeting a label, to getting your demo into the hands of industry people who will actually listen to it. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780876390450
Publisher: Berklee Press
Published: 2004
Callnumber: 780.2373 H832g
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How to Get a Job in the Music Industry by Hatschek, Keith
Notes: Practical strategies for landing your dream job in the music business as well as information on career opportunities, new media, networking strategies, and resume tips, as well as a resource directory and interviews with the pros.
ISBN: 9780876390726
Publisher: Berklee Press
Published: 2007
Callnumber: 780.2373 H287h2
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Label Launch : a Guide to Independent Record Recording, Promotion, and Distribution by Kalmar, Veronika
Notes: Designed as a primer for independent record label start-ups, this book discusses every aspect of starting an independent label, from acquiring tax I.D. numbers to distributing product and making sure your artists' music gets heard. Limited availability.
ISBN: 0312263503
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Published: 2002
Callnumber: 780.688 K126L
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The Guerilla Guide to the Music Business by Davis, Sarah
Notes: A handbook for surviving and succeeding as an artist in the music industry with information and interviews with professionals about touring, recording, rehearsing, demos, radio promotion, and understanding when and why to use managers, publishers, PR people, lawyers, and accountants in your music career. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780826417916
Publisher: Continuum
Published: 2006
Callnumber: 780.23 D296g2
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I Don't Need a Record Deal! : Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution by Schwartz, Daylle Deanna
Notes: A comprehensive step-by-step guide to the world of independent recording that draws on interviews from over 150 musicians and industry pros, showing you how to put out a CD and market it through the media, radio, clubs, and retail, and to develop opportunities for earning a living with your music as an independent artist. Limited availability.
ISBN: 9780823079483
Publisher: Billboard
Published: 2005
Callnumber: 780.2373 Sch95i