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The history and culture of Iran.

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A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind by Axworthy, Michael
Notes: A leading expert on Iran presents a comprehensive history of the country, from the Persian Empire to the Islamic Republic’s role in the Middle East.
ISBN: 0465008887
Publisher: Basic Books
Published: 2008
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In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs: A Memoir of Iran by de Bellaigue, Christopher
Notes: In an exploration of post-revolutionary Iranian life, Christopher de Bellaigue presents the voices and memories of a “worn-out generation” of Iranians: traders, soldiers, film-makers, clerics, and more.
ISBN: 0066209803
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 2005
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Iran: A People Interrupted by Dabashi, Hamid
Notes: Preeminent scholar Hamid Dabashi, a professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, traces Iran’s political and cultural history over the past two centuries
ISBN: 159558059X
Publisher: New Press
Published: 2007
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Persian Pilgrimages: Journeys Across Iran by Molavi, Afshin
Notes: Afshin weaves the tale of nearly 3,000 years of Iranian history with real-life concerns of students of the right and left, bazaar merchants, feminists, government officials, and more.
ISBN: 0393051196
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co
Published: 2002