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Stories, folktales and information about island culture and people.

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Josias, Hold the Book by Elvgren, Jennifer Riesmeyer
Notes: Explore the Haitian culture and the effects of poverty on its families. Haitian children don't always get to attend school. When Josias turns to a book to help grow vegetables in his family garden his father sees the value in education even though it will be difficult for the family.
ISBN: 1590783182
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Circles of Hope by Williams, Karen Lynn
Notes: The story highlights the Haitian custom of planting a fruit tree at the birth of a child. Adversity is a way of life for Haitian children including Facile who despite several failed attempts finds a way to protect his plant.
ISBN: 0802852769
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Se?lavi, That Is Life : a Haitian Story of Hope by Landowne, Youme
Notes: Selavi lives on the streets of Port-au-Prince until authorities send him and the group of children he has bonded with to an orphanage. Together they set up a radio station to reach other children. Endnotes from Landowne and an essay from Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat provide additional information on Haitian history and its challenges.
ISBN: 0938317849
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Please, Malese! : a Trickster Tale From Haiti by MacDonald, Amy
Notes: A story based on Haitian Folklore. Using his tricky ways, Malese takes advantage of his neighbors, until they catch on, after which he manages to pull an even bigger trick on them.
ISBN: 0374360006
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Running the Road to ABC by Lauture, Denize?
Notes: Captures Haitian children on their way to school where they learn letters, sounds, and words.
ISBN: 068983165X
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Painted Dreams by Williams, Karen Lynn
Notes: Ti Marie, a Haitian girl, takes steps to become an artist. She rummages through trash to find sources for her artwork to fix up the area in the marketplace where her mother sells vegetables.
ISBN: 0688139019
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Haiti by Blashfield, Jean F
Notes: Part of the Enchantment of the World series. The book describes the geography, people, government, culture, history, religion, economy, and wildlife of Haiti
ISBN: 0516259490
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Haiti by NgCheong-Lum, Rosalie
Notes: Explores the geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture of Haiti.
ISBN: 0761419683