Learn an Instrument: Drums, Percussion, and Wind Instruments
Learn to bang out rhythms on a drum kit or other percussion instrument, make a saxophone or harmonica cry or sing, or master the sweet sounds of the flute or clarinet.

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Drums for Dummies by Strong, Jeff
Notes: Interactive book-and-CD package with information on contemporary rock styles and beats from around the world. You’ll learn to play basic rhythms, tune and maintain your drums, and explore other percussion instruments, and more! Accompanying CD includes rhythms and beats to play along with.
ISBN: 0471794112
Callnumber: 789.0107 ST88D2
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How to Play Drums: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Drums by Blades, James
Notes: Easy-to-follow instructions and practice exercises guide you through the basics like drum kit setup, using practice pad, reading notation, and rudimentary rhythm. Includes instructions for tambourine, claves, congas, timpani, and many other drums as well.
ISBN: 0312288603
Callnumber: 789.1 B569H2
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The Art of Bop Drumming by Riley, John
Notes: Comprehensive book and audio presentation covering time playing, comping, charts, soloing, brushes, and more jazz essentials with text, music, and pertinent quotes.
ISBN: 089898890X
Callnumber: 789.0107 R453AR
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All About Congas: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now by Kalani
Notes: History, tuning, maintenance, techniques, and exercises for congas with an enhanced CD featuring demonstrations of all rhythms, techniques, and tuning instructions.
ISBN: 0739033492
Callnumber: 789.1071 K124ALC
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Mel Bay's Saxophone Method by Cooper, Bob
Notes: Comprehensive sax method covering key studies, rhythm studies, vibrato, fingering, chord and scale etudes, solos, and high-register studies. Includes solo and duet pieces and applies to any saxophone.
ISBN: 0786605308
Callnumber: 788.6607 C787M
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Mel Bay's Clarinet Method by Hittler, Lou
Notes: Especially useful for the student who wants to play all styles of contemporary music, emphasizing the basic fundamentals of good performance. Includes solo and duet material and original technical studies, and high register studies.
ISBN: 1562220063
Callnumber: 788.6207 H638MM
Pro Art Clarinet Method by Benham, Charles
Notes: First (and second) year clarinet course for individual or class instruction.
ISBN: 0769223052
Callnumber: 788.6207 B436P
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Mel Bay's Flute Method by Hittler, Lou
Notes: Step-by-step method for flute containing solos, exercises, scales, duets, and range studies, all arranged to provide in-depth instruction for beginners with photos and key diagrams. Pieces range from sacred melodies to classical and ragtime.
ISBN: 1562220101
Callnumber: 788.5107 H638MM
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You Can Play Harmonica by Appleby, Amy
Notes: Learn the basics of blues, jazz, rock, pop, and classical harmonica performance with solo and improvising techniques for all musical styles. CD includes song arrangements and exercises to play along with.
ISBN: 0825615178
Callnumber: 788.9 AP52Y