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The 2018  One Book, One Philadelphia  selection was Jacqueline Woodson’s award winning novel,  Another Brooklyn . After an exciting season of discussions and programs about her novel, the Free Library of Philadelphia and the  Philadelphia Jazz Project  have commissioned drummer and… continue reading

By Perry G.   July 3, 2018   

The end of another phenomenal  One Book, One Philadelphia  season is upon us. We have spent eight inspired weeks reading, discussing, watching, creating, playing, and enjoying. The 16th season of this shared reading endeavor has included writing workshops, live music, discussions on mental health and gentrification, and… continue reading

By Julie B.   March 14, 2018   

In Jacqueline Woodson’s books, cooking traces the roots and routes of families and memories. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (HSP) joined with the Free Library’s Culinary Literacy Center this week to celebrate the historical flavors of these roots and routes. Patrick Glennon, communications officer at HSP, took the… continue reading

By Julie B.   March 8, 2018   

At the beginning of Jacqueline Woodson’s recent event at the Community College of Philadelphia, she told the roomful of eager students: "Put down the phone and experience me." For those of you who haven’t experienced her yet this season during her visits to Philly, here are some highlights of her talk. On writing… continue reading

By Julie B.   February 28, 2018   

When you first think about reading a book, it seems like a solitary affair. I picture myself curled up by a window, reading by natural light and entering a new little world—alone. Sometimes I picture myself in a coffee shop, surrounded by others and the buzz of conversation, but still on my own literary journey.   Once I… continue reading

By Lo I.   February 21, 2018   

How do we dream ourselves out of this? It’s 1968, 50 years ago. This is what August, a young girl freshly uprooted from her rural Tennessee home, now living in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, asks herself as she stares at the cover of Life magazine. Wide eyes in the hunger-hollowed faces of two other black children look back… continue reading

By Kalela W.   February 14, 2018   

Dear reader, Perhaps a dying art, or perhaps in fact an art that has now expanded in form, letter-writing creates a tangible connection between humans. Usually, letters are thought to be written on pieces of paper, exchanged between two individuals who care deeply for each other. Is an essay a letter? A poem? A novel? The Boston Globe… continue reading

By Lo I.   February 7, 2018   

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