Camp Challenge

The Free Library Summer Camp Challenge provides resources to add literacy-rich activities into camp programs.

This summer the Camp Challenge will be entirely virtual, with online training and activity ideas that can be done at home or in-person. Camps and groups are challenged to add at least 30 minutes of reading and literacy activities into their daily schedule. Register to access online training resources for staff, and to find activity ideas and programming for your group. Track reading minutes and activities for your group and see how many points you can earn this summer!

When you register your group please provide contact details and our Summer Outreach staff will contact you with more information about summer programs and resources for your group.

Training Videos

View the following video playlist for training resources and information to add literacy-rich activities into your camp and group programs this summer!

An illustration of a young man holding books

Explore our Reading Champs Guide for many easy-to-do activity ideas for young readers.