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You know me well.

LGBTQ Young Adult Books
by FLPTeens

Books featuring LGBTQ protagonists within YA fiction that is diverse and accessible to all readers, no matter what their sexual orientation or gender identity may be.


Let's Talk About Consent: 7th - 12th Grade
by FLPTeens

Books and resources to aid parents, caregivers, and educators discuss the topic of consent and personal boundaries with teens in grades 7th - 12th.

almost home :helping kids move from homelessness to hope

Homeless Teens
by FLPTeens

Moving stories about the struggles of teenage homelessness.

Brown girl dreaming

Favorite YA Reads of 2014
by FLPTeens

Our favorite YA reads that came out in 2014, proving once again that kids’ books aren’t just for kids.


If You Like the Hunger Games
by FLPTeens

Books for fans of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games series


Teen Most Wanted List
by FLPTeens

Teen bestsellers across America


Steampunk for Teens
by FLPTeens

From clockwork robots and steam-powered computers to dirigibles (and even zombies!), these teen novels feature elements of retro-futuristic science, alternate histories, and wild adventure.

teen craft projects 2

Spare Time Suggestions for Teens
by FLPTeens

Fun and creative activities to fend off teenage boredom.

Wicked : a pretty little liars novel

Philly Teen Favorites
by FLPTeens

The books Philadelphia teens are clamoring to read.

Silent alarm

High School Drama
by FLPTeens

You think your school is bad?! Read these books filled with teenage drama, gossip, and growing pains.

Save the last dance

High School Films
by FLPTeens

Get ready for a new school term by watching films about or that take place in high school.


FLP Teens Recommend
by FLPTeens

High school students participating in the Free Library’s community service program recommend their favorite books.


Poetry - Novels in Verse
by explore

Poetry with special appeal for tweens and teens.

Transitions of the heart : stories of love, struggle and acceptance by mothers of transgender and gender variant children

LGBTQ Teens - Resources for Parents and Families
by explore

Resources for Parents and Families of LGBTQ Teens.

Beyond magenta : transgender teens speak out

LGBTQ Teens - Nonfiction
by explore

Information on bullying, safety, coming out, and other important topics relevant to LGBTQ teens.


Fantasy - Teens
by explore

YA fantasy fiction from the classics to newer sub genres, graphic novels, and epic series too!

Yell-oh girls! : emerging voices explore culture, identity, and growing up Asian American

Asian American Resources for Teens
by explore

Recommended especially for middle and high school students.

Rebound.  Volume 1 /

Graphic Novels - Realistic stories for Teens
by explore

Graphic novels that reflect real life.


YA Best of 2015
by FreeLibrary

If you are looking for amazing Young Adult books, check out this Top 50 list created by three of our Teen Librarians – Erin H., Abbe K., and Rachel F.