Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are made in honor or in memory of someone special to you. Your contribution will be acknowledged with a personalized letter sent to the person you are honoring or to a person you specify. For Tribute gifts of $50 or more, we will place a bookplate bearing the honoree’s name in a book in our collection. Make a Tribute gift now.

Gifts may also be mailed to the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation at:
1901 Vine Street, Suite 111
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(Please remember to include the name and address of the person who should be notified of your generosity.)

For more information, please contact the Development Office at by phone at 215-567-7710 or at

The Impact of Your Gift

Marcus was a struggling student when a librarian shared a video about magic with him—the simple moment was a catalyst in his life. Marcus began visiting the library all the time to research magic, learn new tricks, and even perform for children. Soon, Marcus was on the honor roll at school and making plans to go to college, where he is today.

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