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Welcome! From craft to college prep, from movie screenings to film making the Free Library has it all for teens! Check out an event at your local branch or visit the Teen Space at the Parkway Central Library on Vine Street. Find awesome programs around the city and find your next great read!

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At long last, the time has come... If you’ve been longing to get out of the house after a long snow and ice bound end to winter, Free Library of Comic Con ( FLoCC ) is a great chance to go out and get your geek on! This year's event kicks off outside of Parkway Central Library at 9:45 a.m. with a performance from the Drexel… continue reading

By J. Matthew C.   March 22, 2017   

Ordering Pizza? Our Get HYPE Philly! teens recently built environment-friendly pizza ovens to reheat leftover pizza. All you have to do to make your own is hang on to your delivery box! They also learned how to cook a pizza-inspired recipe that will make you rethink pulling out your wallet and ordering delivery. At these… continue reading

By Khyra L.   March 14, 2017   

Get HYPE Philly is a city-wide initiative for youth development, funded by GSK and brought to youth by several organizations including The Food Trust and the Free Library of Philadelphia. At Parkway Central Library and the North Philadelphia libraries, Get HYPE Philly is primarily known for Food Education. Basically, we show up, we… continue reading

By Khyra L.   February 8, 2017    2

I have weird memories of being a teenage girl—I’m pretty sure that I thought I was right about everything when maybe I was in actuality not so swift on the uptake. It’s refreshing for me now to read graphic novels in which the teenage female protagonist is so much stronger and sometimes has more superpowers than I… continue reading

By Rachel F.   January 11, 2017   

Pennsylvania Teen Health Week 2017 takes place January 9-13. The second annual state-wide week of awareness is unique in that it focuses on a holistic view of teen health and seeks to raise awareness of the health issues facing Pennsylvania teens. Through a variety of programs and activities, teens are encouraged to take charge of… continue reading

By Ann P.   January 9, 2017   

It's winter! It's the holiday season! You know what would be a great idea right now? Escaping into a collection of Young Adult wintery/holiday themed novels while your mom tries to get you to wash the dishes and your weird cousin says weird things and everyone else is taking a nap in front of the tv. We’re going to take… continue reading

By Rachel F.   December 23, 2016   

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... to be a lady who likes comics. One day you get to celebrate the appearance of the first African American woman to own a comic book store on a cover of a major comic and then the next you have entitled jerks creating impossible and sexist art ( NSFW link here ). It’s a give… continue reading

By Rachel F.   December 21, 2016    1

Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Maybe you love John and Hank Green and their community of Nerdfighters ?  Are you more of a Vine (RIP) enthusiast? Whomever your fave and on whatever platform, there is a really good chance that a ton of followers turned into a book deal. Obviously, I love John Green’s whole canon of moody… continue reading

By Rachel F.   December 13, 2016   

The Field Family Teen Author Series and the Free Library of Philadelphia connects students, teachers, libraries, and authors through a successful series of author visits with teens throughout the city of Philadelphia. Free Library staff choose a variety of books, authors, and formats that will resonate with the teens from the many… continue reading

By Ann P.   December 8, 2016   

It’s National Native American Heritage Month and the Free Library of Philadelphia is celebrating by reading books by authors who write about their Native heritage. We’re especially enjoying works by Sherman Alexie and Louise Erdrich , contemporary prolific authors who’ve published novels, short story collections,… continue reading

By Becky F.   November 8, 2016    1

Get HYPE Philly! team and teen participants alike learn new things all the time about the benefits of different foods and how to prepare them. At a recent HYPE program with culinary educator Lauren Nixon , participants learned about the many benefits of avocado—particularly, what makes it a healthy fat. I won’t lie;… continue reading

By Khyra L.   October 13, 2016    17

It’s that time of year again—the beginning of fall when temperatures start to fall and the pumpkin spice must flow. That means it’s almost Teen Read Week —the week of the year with no forced reading for teens, just fun reading! (Well, that’s the dream anyway—who knows what projects your… continue reading

By Rachel F.   October 11, 2016   

Louise Fitzhugh is perhaps best known for her novel Harriet the Spy , published in 1964 and lauded today as a classic children’s fiction work. Both written and illustrated by Fitzhugh, Harriet tells the story of an aspiring reporter who, at eleven years-old, keeps a notebook detailing all of her opinions and observations like a… continue reading

By Becky F.   October 5, 2016   

Summer absolutely flew by and it’s now time to get back into a new school year. If you’re wondering how you’ll cope with all of the assignments and homework coming your way, the Free Library of Philadelphia has got you covered. From the newest graphic novels and ebooks to weekly programs and events , you’ll… continue reading

By Kristina L.   September 8, 2016   

Is everyone ready for the start of another school year?  At the Free Library of Philadelphia, we spent the last few weeks of our summer brushing up on the wonderful online resources available on our website to get up to speed for a great year ahead. So grab your library card and get ready to log on for these great free… continue reading

By Rachel F.   September 6, 2016   

After 13 weeks of learning, building, playing, dancing, and reading all across Philadelphia, we've reached the end of this year's Summer Reading program! Our last weekly raffle winners have been announced and our grand prize raffle winners have been picked: Congratulations to Francis B., Tamar P., and Ahmed A.! To mark… continue reading

By Becky F.   September 2, 2016   

I love a graphic novel—and even better I love a graphic novel memoir . There is something so much more intimate about reading the words AND pictures when someone shares her story. Or maybe I’m just a slower reader when it comes to nonfiction … who is to say? Either way, there have been a TON of amazing graphic… continue reading

By Rachel F.   August 24, 2016   

Parkway Central is hosting a Social Justice Symposium for Teens on Monday, August 29th and if you are a high school student who is passionate about your Philadelphia community and care about issues such as racism, inequality, or injustice, then this event is definitely one that you won’t want to miss! In addition to a keynote… continue reading

By Becky F.   August 23, 2016   

Sometimes you just can't believe the story someone is telling you . Maybe it’s because it seems too fantastical or maybe it’s just because the storyteller is untrustworthy. Maybe they were robbed or maybe they broke into a bathroom—sometimes you just don't know till you get to the end of the story. In… continue reading

By Rachel F.   August 19, 2016    2

Alohomora! The newest installment of the spectacularly popular Harry Potter series has just been released and it’s getting rave reviews from everyone who’s picked up a copy. Since it’s still summertime, we at the Free Library of Philadelphia are all rushing to get our hands on it too, and to log our reading time… continue reading

By Becky F.   August 17, 2016