2nd Floor Landing

The U-shaped landing has a classic "library" feel and is perfect for cocktail receptions. Overhead is an octagonal skylight and domed ceiling decorated with large plaques representing theology, poetry, justice, and philosophy.

Parkway Central 2nd Floor Landing

Photo by Moss + Isaac

Parkway Central 2nd Floor Landing
Parkway Central 2nd Floor Landing

Photo by Douglas Benedict Photography, LLC

The 2nd Floor Landing sits atop the library's grand marble stairway. The stunning landing halfway up the staircase, on which a bronze statue of Free Library founder Dr. William Pepper sits, has carved panels of clustered oak leaves, tall, richly carved stone lamps, and griffins decorating the stair rail.

This 2nd Floor is also home to a number of library departments:

  • Social Sciences and History
  • Art and Literature
  • Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC)
  • Education, Philosophy, Religion
  • Newspapers and Microfilm
  • Print and Picture Collection
  • Map Collection


Cocktail reception: 130