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  • To sir, with love II
    Sidney Poitier

    Award-winning actor, film director, activist, and ambassador, Sir Sidney Poitier was many things to many people and a shining example of a stellar human being. He left an indelible mark on humanity and his art will live on.

  • Peter Bogdanovich

    Director, writer, actor, producer, critic, and film historian, Peter Bogdanovich was the embodiment of Hollywood success and history.


  • Little Mole's wish by Kim, Sang-g?n

    On a wintry day, a little lone mole befriends a snowball.  Little Mole is new to the neighborhood and doesnt have any friends

    he wanted to take him on the bus but no one would let the snowball on the bus, so mole rolled him into a bear but the snowball as a bear wasnt allowed on the bus either.  Next he had an idea to make the snowball into a little boy and even gave him his hat. This time it worked but being on the warm bus made the snowball melt and the mole was so sad he didnt get to say goodbye to his snowball friend, what happens next will make you smile for sure.



    Reviewed by Mary D on Jan 20, 2022

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  • The wives by Fisher, Tarryn,

    This book explores the reality of mental illness and the fallout from it.  Thursday Ellington is the narrator of the book and the main character.  It starts out with her making a grand dinner for her husband whom she only sees on Thursdays, as she believes she is in a polygamist relationship and her husband has two other wives he sees on other days.

    Seth is the name of her husband , states he does not want his three wives to have any contact with each other or know anything about each other.  

    Seth spends Monday and Tuesday with his other two wives, whom he calls Monday and Tuesday.

    Thursday curosity after finding a doctor receipt get the best of her and she starts investigating the other wives and finds one is named Hannah and she maybe having a baby.

    Thursday believes that Seth divorced his first wife Regina because she did not want children, and Thursday got pregnant and she and Seth married but she lost the baby and had to have a hysterectomy and cannot have children .

    She goes to where Hannah lives and meets her under falsse pretenses and makes friends with Hannah and goes to her house and its beautfiul and everything looks great but she notices bruises on her arm.

    They meet a few times and Hannah admits her hsuband has a temper.  She denies that her bruises are from him though.

    Fearing that Hannah and the baby could be harmed, she makes an appt with the first wife Regina who is a lawyer.  

    Meanwhile hannah confronts Seth about Hannah and he attacks her, she is taken to the hospital and is suffering a head injury. 

    When she tells her dr about her polygamist relationship, Seth says he does not know what he is talking about .

    Reviewed by Mary D on Jan 20, 2022

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  • Million little things
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I'm on the first season I love it from beginning to end. I love the realistic portrayal of how bad decisions lead to bad consequences! You don’t always find that in today's entertainment.

    Reviewed by Ashley B on Jan 20, 2022

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  • Old dog baby baby by Fogliano, Julie,

    old dog and lazy dog, but along comes the new baby, colorful pictures and illustrations to show contrast between old and new.  Happy book to share with a little one.


    Reviewed by Mary D on Jan 18, 2022

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    Reviewed by Mary D on Jan 12, 2022

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  • Buddy and Earl by Fergus, Maureen.

    It's a story of an odd animal pair Buddy the dog plays by the rules and when he meets Earl and Buddy asks Earl what are you? They start off on a friendly and funny adventure , Buddy tries to guess what Earl could be with his prickly body .  They get into mischief together and realize doesnt matter what he is , he is a friend.  



    Reviewed by Mary D on Jan 6, 2022

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