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By Monica C. RSS Wed, September 14, 2022

It's time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place this year from September 15 through October 15.

We'd like to celebrate by highlighting the amazing work of Latinx authors and illustrators in recent picture books! There is so much to enjoy as you read these books about love, family, courage, and self-determination, in addition to inspiring biographies. To find more awesome book recommendations, you can check out our past lists here and here.

Abuelita and Me by Leonarda Carranza; illustrated by Rafael Mayani

Spending time at home with Abuelita means pancakes, puddle-jumping, and nail-painting. But venturing out into the city is not always as fun. On the bus and at the grocery store, people are impatient and suspicious—sometimes they even yell. Sad, angry, and scared, the story’s young narrator decides not to leave home again...until a moment of empowerment helps her see the strength she and Abuelita share when they face the world together.

Ebook available from Overdrive

I Will!: A Book of Promises by Juana Medina

Bright and colorful, this picture book is filled with affirmations while building self-worth and improving communication skills for kids, and adults, of all ages.

Ebook available from Overdrive

I Am!: A Book of Reminders by Juana Medina

The words and pictures in this book helps inspire young readers to have confidence in themselves, focusing on helping to build emotional literacy, self-esteem, and self-worth as well as improving communication skills.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Hello, Puddle! by Anita Sanchez; illustrated by Luisa Uribe

A normal everyday puddle may not seem very special. But for a mother turtle, it might be the perfect place to lay her eggs. For a squirrel, it might be the only spot to cool off and get a drink when the sun is shining down in July. And for any child, it can be a window into the elegant, complex natural world right outside their window.

Ebook available from Overdrive

How to Hear the Universe: Gaby González and the Search for Einstein's Ripples in Space-time by Patricia Valdez; illustrated by Sara Palacios

A biography of immigrant scientist Gabriela González, who, armed with modern technology, completed the work that Albert Einstein had begun one hundred years earlier, confirming his theory of gravitational waves and breaking new ground for space-time research.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Beauty Woke by NoNieqa Ramos; illustrated by Paola Escobar

Beauty is a Puerto Rican girl loved and admired by her family and community. At first, she's awake to their beauty, and her own—a proud Boricua of Taíno and African descent. But as she grows older, she sees how people who look like her are treated badly, and she forgets what makes her special. So her community bands together to help remind her of her beautiful heritage.

Ebook available from Overdrive

With Lots of Love by Jenny Torres Sanchez; illustrated by Andre Ceolin

Rocio has grown up in Central America, but now she and her family are moving to the United States. Rocio does her best to adjust to a new way of living, but there are many things she misses from her old life—Abuela’s cooking, Abuela’s pinata creations, Abuela’s warm hugs, and of course, Abuela herself most of all. But Abuela finds a way to send Rocio something special just in time for her birthday—a gift wrapped with lots of love—and that fills Rocio to the brim.

Ebook available from Overdrive. Also available in Spanish

Drawing Outdoors by Jairo Buitrago; illustrated by Rafael Yockteng

Maybe your school has a playground, gym, computers, and a library. But at this school in a faraway mountain range, things are a little different. There’s a blackboard, some chairs … and not much else. But with the help of an extraordinary teacher and a little imagination, anything is possible! The students in this spirited picture book spend their days drawing dinosaurs outdoors. They draw astounding, spectacular creatures that come to life before their eyes, and turn their school into a wondrous place, where any child would want to go and learn.

Ebook available from Overdrive

The Little House of Hope by Terry Catasús Jennings; illustrated by Raúl Colón

When Esperanza and her family arrive in the United States from Cuba, they rent a little house, una casita. As Esperanza and her family settle into their new house, they all do their part to make it a home. When other immigrant families need a place to stay, it seems only natural for the family in la casita to help. Together they turn the house into a place where other new immigrants can help one another. Esperanza is always the first to welcome them to la casita. It’s a safe place in a new land.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Itzel and the Ocelot by Rachel Katsaller

Itzel loves to hear her nana tell the story about the giant snake that must be awakened to bring the rain. But most people no longer believe in the snake, so it has retreated. And now Itzel and her nana, and all the creatures of the jungle, are desperate for rain for their crops. So Itzel decides she must find and awaken the snake herself. Though she sets out in the night alone, Itzel is soon joined by an ocelot and other jungle creatures in need of rain. But will their search be in vain?

Ebook available from Overdrive

Skater Cielo by Rachel Katsaller

Meet Cielo, a fierce skater who finds that facing your fear of failing gives you the courage to persevere!Cielo loves to skateboard! But when she messes up on a new ramp she's embarrassed and afraid to fall again in front of so many people. With the help of some new friends, Cielo summons the courage to try again (and again, and again), and learns that falling is not failing--true fierceness isn't about landing the perfect trick, it's about picking yourself back up when you don't.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Growing an Artist: The Story of a Landscaper and His Son by John Parra

Today is a big day—the first time Juanito gets to help his papi on the job as a landscape architect! Throughout the day, Juanito sketches anything that catches his eye: a nest full of baby birds, a nursery with row upon row of plants and flowers, and more. Father and son travel from house to house, pruning, weeding, mowing, and turning overgrown and chaotic yards into beautiful spaces. A few of the clients don’t appreciate Papi’s hard work, like Juanito’s classmate who pretends not to see him. But Papi always feels pride in owning his own business and in a job well done. And at the end of the day, Juanito may get the chance to turn his artistic eye toward landscape design—just like his papi.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Mi Ciudad Sings by Cynthia Harmony; illustrated by Teresa Martínez

As a little girl and her dog embark on their daily walk through the city, they skip and spin to the familiar sounds of revving cars, clanking bikes, friendly barks, and whistling camote carts. But what they aren't expecting to hear is the terrifying sound of a rumbling earthquake...and then...silence. With captivating text and lively, beautiful illustrations, this heartwarming story leaves readers with the message that they can choose to be strong and brave even when they are scared, and can still find joy and hope in the midst of sadness.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Lupe Lopez: Rock Star Rules! by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo and Pat Zillow Miller; illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Famous at Hector P. Garcia Elementary for being the first kid in kindergarten to ever start a band, Lupe Lopez enters first grade seeking a new sort of fame. She’s ready to rock and roll straight into the role of Reading Rock Star! But despite her best efforts, the words she thought she knew—now grouped in sentences—only glare back at her. Stuck in Group A with the kids who can’t read, she becomes the object of a rival’s mockery. Will her beloved band, and her confidence, survive the sting of defeat? Leave it to Lupe to prove that the beat she feels when she taps her pencil isn’t so very different from words and sentences—and that a real rock star is someone who doesn’t give up.

Ebook available from Overdrive

Rafa Counts on Papá by Joe Cepeda

Rafa and his papá love to count and measure together. They know how many branches they climb to their favorite spot, they know how high their dog Euclid can jump, and they know how far they can run. But there’s one thing Rafa can't count or measure because it is infinite: the love that he and his papá share.

Lola Out Loud by Jennifer Torres; illustrated by Sara Palacios

Her grandpa calls her “Lolita Siete Lenguas”—Little Lola, Seven Tongues, all fighting to be heard. Lola is trying not to make so much noise, but when she witnesses injustices in her own neighborhood, she knows she can’t keep quiet. Can Lola find a way to use her voice for change? ¡Sí, se puede! Inspired by the real-life civil rights activist and labor leader Dolores Huerta, Lola Out Loud is a warm and rollicking picture book that reminds us that sometimes one strong voice is just what we need.

My Nap, Mi Siesta by Raul the Third

In this colorful bilingual board book that highlights the joys of napping, Coco Rocho shows us all the places where you can take a siesta!

My Party, Mi Fiesta by Raul the Third

In this festive bilingual board book, join Coco Rocho and his friends as they gather all the things they need to throw a grand fiesta!

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