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This Sunday, March 2nd marks the 86th Academy Awards ceremony , otherwise known as The Oscars . Whether you watch for the glitz and glamour of the whole affair, enter into an office pool to maybe… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 28, 2014   

Is it Spring yet?! Even if Old Man Winter won't leave Philadelphia, we can at least "Spring Forward" with warm-minded and sunshine-themed activities, arts and crafts, books, and… continue reading

By Jennifer W.   February 27, 2014   

Let's surf "Around the Blogs" and check out some recent topics of interest from the tech, literary, library, and arts and entertainment sections of the World Wide Web in February… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 25, 2014   

Savvy entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders already know about Business Decision, but did you know this resource can help you create thematic maps and datasets that will guide your business… continue reading

By Jamie W.   February 24, 2014   

UPDATE - 8/12/2015 - The Free Library no longer offers Treehouse to our card holders. This change went into effect in December 2014 . We apologize for any confusion.    One newest… continue reading

By Jamie W.   February 21, 2014    7

Here are the Top 10 ebooks downloaded from the Free Library's OverDrive Digital Library in January 2014. There were more than 58,700 ebooks checked out and downloaded for the first month of… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 19, 2014   

Amid all the talk of love and romance, Valentine’s Day can provide an opportunity to talk with young children about friendship and kindness. Share these books with your preschooler and… continue reading

By Ruth G.   February 14, 2014   

View and listen to the Top 10 Author Event Podcasts Downloaded in January 2014 . Don't forget to view our schedule for upcoming Winter and Spring 2014 author events! Jane Pauley | Your Life… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 12, 2014   

On Monday, February 10th, the Free Library broadcast its first ever Google+ Hangouts On Air with Dena, Camille, and Karin discussing romance books and what they love about the genre. Live… continue reading

By Dena   February 12, 2014   

At Wadsworth Library , we’re always trying to find a new way to engage our patrons. Sometimes the best programs are passive programs; that means that we plan a bulletin board or display that… continue reading

By Chris B.   February 11, 2014   

Today's children's book review is a real heartbreaker. Poet Daniel Beaty performed a piece of slam poetry called "Knock Knock" about his relationship with his father. When Daniel… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 10, 2014    2

When winter weather keeps you indoors and away from the playground, you and your preschooler may come down with a case of cabin fever. Fortunately, there are some great books that can get your… continue reading

By Ruth G.   February 10, 2014   

The Virtual Library Hot Spot at PHL has launched! Over the past months, the Free Library of Philadelphia and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) have collaborated to produce this unique… continue reading

By Harry F.   February 7, 2014    4

Do you know a child who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2014? If you do, it is time to enroll for Kindergarten! The School District of Philadelphia is currently enrolling children… continue reading

By Jennifer W.   February 6, 2014   

SIDE A - The Words : News You Can Use Last year at tax time we detailed some " Tax Filing Tips " for our fellow Philadelphians. This year, we're happy to report that the many high… continue reading

By Adam F.   February 6, 2014   

As we continue our ongoing Digital Literacy series , today marks the third annual Digital Learning Day . For today's post, we'll be focusing on autism and library services. To read more on… continue reading

By Debra E. J.   February 5, 2014    1

In keeping with the spirit of our The Year of The Bard celebration, we've published a new online exhibition and accompanying timeline to our website celebrating 450 years' worth of… continue reading

By Peter SM   February 5, 2014   

Looking for some great books for your children? Our children's librarians are excited to share their expert reviews with you. For this month, we focus on African American history for… continue reading

By Sarah S.   February 4, 2014