Check Us Out: Meet K-Fai!

By Michelle S. RSS Thu, May 23, 2013

You may have noticed a few of our librarians' shining faces around town lately on buses, billboards, subway placards, and more, as part of our ad campaign in partnership with ADLOOP. We thought you may want to get to know a little more about these awesome information gurus who smile back at you every day on your commute home. Last week, you met Adam. Now, say hello to K-Fai!

Your favorite thing about your job:
I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to work at the ground level with people. Hot Spots are unique library locations because they're embedded within community centers. Every day I interact with people from the North Philadelphia community in a new and unique way--but it’s on their turf. My job is focused around helping people learn how to use computers and the internet. Many people who come in have never used a mouse before. There’s nothing better than helping someone successfully do something for the first time, like apply for a job or write a résumé. I love cheerleading people through the job application process, because more often than not, applying for jobs can be so discouraging and arduous, particularly when you’re not comfortable using a computer or the internet. I love being able to say “great job” to someone who has overcome a huge learning obstacle--we celebrate every success in the Hot Spot at The Village of Arts and Humanities, regardless of how big or small.

Your computer superpower:
My superpower? I can help someone to write an amazing résumé in 30 minutes--even if they’ve never had a job before.
Most pervasive (and incorrect) stereotype about techies:
I think the most incorrect stereotype about techies is that we fixate on minutiae and can’t see “the big picture,” which also means that we’re so detail-driven that we completely lack social skills. It’s not true--I love engaging patrons on all levels, and sometimes you accomplish more with a conversation than by sitting on the internet for an hour.
Most pervasive (and, okay, maybe a *little* correct) stereotype about techies:
That we try to push resources on you. We want to help!
Insider tip about the Free Library’s digital resources:
AP Images is a great resource to use copyright-free images to create flyers, greeting cards, and more. We use it to help people who want help with graphic design projects. It looks a lot better than clip art!

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