Check Us Out: Meet Khaleef!

By Michelle S. RSS Thu, June 20, 2013

You may have noticed a few of our librarians' shining faces around town lately on buses, billboards, subway placards, and more, as part of our ad campaign in partnership with ADLOOP. We thought you may want to get to know a little more about these awesome information gurus who smile back at you every day on your commute home. You've met Adam, K-Fai, Tiffany, and Karin. Now, meet Khaleef!

Your favorite thing about your job:
Watching people learn and grow. It's cool to see someone advance their digital literacy and discover this entire world of information that they may have been previously unable or afraid to access.

Your computer superpower:
Podcast Power! No really, I love to use podcasts and podcast production as a teaching tool. With teens, it provides them another avenue to express themselves. In some instances, teens in the Hot  Spot have used podcasting to talk to their peers about whatever is on their minds (music, violence, education).
Most pervasive (and incorrect) stereotype about techies:
We know everything! Part of the joy of being a techie is finding new ways to learn (and teach), with DIY videos, comment sections, blogs, etc. They're all electronic resources that have transformed the way that we learn. Of course, there's no substitute for a good book.

Most pervasive (and, okay, maybe a *little* correct) stereotype about techies:
We all contain varying amounts of nerditude.

Insider tip about the Free Library’s digital resources:
They work best when you use them. I love the reactions on people's faces when they find out that downloadable books, homework help, tutorials, and free streaming music are all available through The way that we receive information has transformed. It's good to know that the library card continues to evolve and is still the gateway to that information.

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