Welcome Spring! How to Celebrate the Equinox with Kids

By Emily S. RSS Thu, March 19, 2020

What is the Equinox?
The word "equinox" comes from a Latin root meaning "equal night", and describes the days of the year when daytime is roughly equal to night. The equinox happens twice a year, once in autumn and once in spring. It is also the only time that the sun rises due East and sets due West all around the world!

After the autumn equinox, the nights grow longer as winter approaches. But following the spring equinox, daytime lengthens, with more hours of sunlight each day. The natural world reawakens. Many cultures celebrate spring and the return of the sun’s light.

In 2020, the spring equinox occurs today, Thursday, March 19!

Looking for ways to celebrate with kids? Read below!

Make a Game of Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a tradition that spans the globe. After those long months of keeping warm with your doors and windows closed, it is time to let in that fresh spring air! And what better way to welcome the season of renewal than to banish dust bunnies? Kids can participate, too, and everyone will enjoy if you can make cleaning fun.





Celebrate the Season with Spring Crafts.
Get the paint out and make a four seasons fingerprint tree.

Make a crafty wreath using things you have at home. Cut floral images or flower shapes out of old magazines or construction paper, then glue them to a cardboard donut shape. You can even draw your wreath with crayons! Stick it to the refrigerator with a magnet, or hang it from your door.

Try your hand at creating some pipe cleaner flowers.

In the mood for a challenge? Weave your own flower crown using fresh flowers, bought or found, or the ones you just made! (Pro tip: Pipe cleaners can also substitute for floral wire.)


Keep Learning
Explore the Free Library’s vast collection of children’s books to read more about the spring equinox, spring, the seasons, our sun, or the solar system we call home.







Have you heard that, on the day of the equinox, you can balance an egg on its end?

While it may not be the whole truth, the Free Library dares you to try it!

Let us know if you are successful in the comments below.

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