Talking to Children About Coronavirus

By Monica C. RSS Tue, May 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways big and small. We are all having to adjust to and cope with uncertainty and lingering worries. 

That is true for children as well. School has moved to online learning and suddenly it’s not possible to be with their friends in person, to play sports, and even to be with their elderly relatives.

Picture books can help! Here are three books made available by their publishers / authors / illustrators for free online that can help children navigate these confusing times:

Coronavirus: A Book for Children written by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson, Nia Roberts, Graham Medley; illustrated by Axel Scheffer
This informative and accessible guide for young readers defines the coronavirus, explains why everyday routines have been disrupted, and lays out how everyone can do their part to help. With child-appropriate answers and explanations, the book addresses key questions, like: How do you catch coronavirus and what happens if you have it? Why are people so worried about it? Is there a cure? Why do we have to stay home? What can I do to help? And what happens next?


Staying Home written by Sally Nicholls; illustrated by Viviane Schwarz
A family of energetic raccoons are going through a day in lockdown – no school, nursery, or work – and explaining to the youngest members of the family how they’re doing their part to save lives just by staying at home! This free ebook, which very much speaks to our current situation, has been developed, written, and illustrated by a fantastic creative duo at break-neck speed, to be released to the public whilst we’re in the middle of lockdown. The aim is to help parents going into the second month of quarantine, explain a little more about the Coronavirus pandemic, and how important it is we all isolate at home.



First Aid for Feelings: A Workbook to Help Kids Cope During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Denise Daniels, a leading child development expert, has teamed up with Scholastic and the Yale Child Study Center to help children, families, and educators cope during this pandemic. This 16-page downloadable workbook is available in English and Spanish.






You can find these titles and more in this helpful list prepared by the New York City School Library System.

We are all in this together.  

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