Creating on a Budget with Recycled Crafts

By Echo P. RSS Wed, July 1, 2020

Summer is looking a little different this year without in-person programming at the Free Library. As someone who lives for summer arts and crafts programs, I’m sure I’m not the only one itching for some quality craft time with the kids. If you are looking for fun, engaging crafts to make with your kids but don’t have a lot of craft supplies around the house, look no further than your recycling bin for some craft materials and inspiration!

Every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m., a new how-to video for recycled crafts will be posted on Facebook and YouTube. Here are some of our favorite projects so far:

Paper Beads: Making wearable art out of paper scraps is the ultimate upcycle - even junk mail can become a beautiful bracelet.


Guitar: With just a box, some rubber bands, and a crayon, you can have hours of musical fun!


Puppet: This marionette puppet made from toilet paper tubes and string is the ultimate boredom buster.

Looking for more recycled craft inspiration? Check out these books from our catalog:

Earth-Friendly Crafts by Kathy Ross 

Recycled Science By Tammy Enz 

Rubbish: Reuse Your Refuse by Kate Shoup 

What Can You Do With An Old Red Shoe? by Anna Atler 

Scrapkins: Junk Re-Thunk by Brian Yanish

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