Happy National Friendship Day!

By Monica C. RSS Thu, July 30, 2020

It’s always time to celebrate friends, but did you know National Friendship Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of August? Friends make everything better, don't they? New and old friends, young and old, from your neighborhood or from around the world—there are many kinds of friends.

Celebrate friends with these ebook recommendations:

My Best Friend written by Julie Fogliano; illustrated by Jillian Tamaki

ebook available in Overdrive.

What is a best friend, if not someone who laughs with you the whole entire day, especially when you pretend to be a pickle? Two girls quickly become best friends, even before they learn one another's names.



The Day You Begin written by Jacqueline Woodson; illustrated by Rafael López

ebook available in Overdrive.

There are many reasons to feel different. Maybe it's how you look or talk, or where you're from; maybe it's what you eat, or something just as random. It's not easy to take those first steps into a place where nobody really knows you yet, but somehow you do it. A heartening book about finding courage to connect, even when you feel scared and alone.

A Friend for Henry written by Jenn Bailey; illustrated by Mika Song

ebook available in Hoopla.

Henry would like to find a friend at school, but for a boy on the autism spectrum, making friends can be difficult, as his efforts are sometimes misinterpreted, or things just go wrong—but Henry keeps trying, and in the end he finds a friend he can play with.


Rita and Ralph’s Rotten Day written by Carmen Agra Deedy; illustrated by Pete Oswald

ebook available in Overdrive.

Rita and Ralph meet every day to play beneath the apple tree. It's always fun and games—until one roundly rotten day when a new game means someone ends up crying. Who knew it could be so hard to say "I'm sorry"? Just when it seems nothing will ever be right again, a surprising thing happens. The old friends try something new, that isn't new at all. Something they've done a hundred times...

Swashby and the Sea written by Beth Ferry; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal

ebook available in Overdrive.

Captain Swashby loves the sea, his oldest friend. And he loves his life by the sea just as it is: salty and sandy and serene. One day, much to Swashby’s chagrin, a young girl and her granny commandeer the empty house next door. All Swashby wants is for his new neighbors to GO AWAY and take their ruckus with them. When Swashby begins to leave notes in the sand for his noisy neighbors, however, the beach interferes with the messages that are getting across. Could it be that the captain’s oldest friend, the sea, knows what Swashby needs even better than he knows himself?

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