Working Remotely? Ask Lynda!

By Mary Marques RSS Wed, November 4, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we perform on the job. For several months, the silence of everyday life has transformed the way we interact, at all levels, and in our community. Now, our home is not only a family space, but also a virtual operational center for many activities including school, work, small business, and everything in between.

Being mindful of a new reality
We have to face a different way of living and doing things. In the pre-pandemic time, we used to develop our activities using personal interaction, as a way to perform our roles in our communities. Now, in the middle of the pandemic, we are learning how to manage our virtual life, and activities, with an unfamiliar set of rules that we are discovering on the way.

The fine line between two worlds
From my experience, I had to learn-on-the-go, as-needed, and as fast as I could. Looking at life from another perspective can motivate you to reinvent your life in order to improve tasks, results, and productivity. Without knowing, we created two worlds: The in-person environment, guided by safety rules to minimize the dissemination of the disease; and the virtual world, in which most of us need to interact under certain technological and cultural parameters to perform our job. to the rescue
I took advantage of the courses offered through the Free Library's Digital Learning Portal. This database has different webinars that can help you gain knowledge on many subjects. You can take individual courses that last an hour or less, or you can focus on a more time-intensive learning track model. 

Topics to explore
Some of the topics presented in this database are: transferring skills, time management, the value of working remotely, health and wellness, collaboration tools, virtual team building, managing conflicts, productivity and mindset, video conference presence, balancing work and life, and managing tasks and projects, among many others.

The Free Library at your fingertips
More than ever, the library is here to provide you with a robust set of digital resources to explore and to help you during this challenging time. For additional information, please visit and check under the databases section of our website. 

Please remember that in the middle of this pandemic, we are all learning together!

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I also wok remotely but through Maybe I need to contact Lynda too?
Rachel Jones - Arlington
Thursday, January 28, 2021