How to Spark Your Creativity

By Mary Marques RSS Wed, March 3, 2021

Inspiration comes with a few simple elements. For example, being in a quiet room might trigger your creative mind with a new flow of ideas. Each one of us has a different approach. Maybe you like to paint, saw, quilt or just walk. Sometimes, we might need just a little bit of willingness, consistency, and time to embark on this creative journey. 

The mood of inspired thinking
David J. Schwartz, author of The Magic of Thinking Big states that “creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything.”  We need to explore that territory in our minds. That new environment will allow us to flow unique thoughts and ideas freely—no judgmental thinking is allowed in this zone!.

How to create a stimulating environment
In the online course "Creative Exercises to Spark Original Thinking," Amy Wynne, a professional painter, provides 20 simple hands-on projects that can inspire you to connect with your inner-self. You can take the whole course (two hours in length) or watch each segment individually (3 minutes or less). Wayne presents in this step-by-step webinar some examples that you can replicate anywhere.

  • Rewrite an old story.
  • Draw repeat patterns. 
  • Write on a mango? Use different surfaces to stay focused.
  • Create a collage with old magazines.

Letting go of perfection
Developing your creative mind is simple if you’re committed to practice! With only 5 minutes a day, you can stimulate your creative mind to blossom.

In the article "4 Técnicas Para Descubrir Nuestro Mundo Interior" ("4 Techniques to Discover Our Inner World") written by Mary Luz Marques, published by the Impacto Media newspaper, an effortless routine can inspire you into this innovative adventure. For instance, listening quietly to the cycle of your breath, writing the stories of your dream, walking and being aware of your surroundings, and reading a book before you go to sleep are a few examples that you can put in practice right away.

Where do I start?
Explore to discover and see what you like to do! You might discover an inner gem that you didn’t know about yourself. Be curious and experiment, and don’t be afraid of a blank piece of paper!

Be free to create!

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