New Titles Coming to the Free Library in December!

By Rachel F. RSS Wed, December 1, 2021

There’s a lot to explore this December with a mix of new titles coming to the Free Library's shelves!

Young Children (up to 2nd Grade)

The Real Santa written by Nancy Amanda Redd; illustrated by Charnelle Pinkney Barlow

It’s not Christmas without Santa! But what does Santa truly look like? Does he match the figurines on the mantel, or the faces on our favorite holiday sweaters? Does he look like you or me? Find out in this joyous and cozy celebration of family, representation, and holiday spirit!

Older Children (3rd Grade to 6th Grade)

A Kitten Called Holly written by Helen Peters; illustrated by Ellie Snowdon

On her family's farm, Jasmine and her best friend, Tom, find the ideal clubhouse for their animal rescue group. Much to their surprise, the shed is already home to a feral cat and her three kittens. When the mother cat leaves, abandoning one of her babies, Jasmine and Tom feel compelled to step in and raise the tiny kitten. With a house full of rescued animals—and a veterinarian mother who has reached her limit—will Jasmine be able to keep another pet? Or is it someone else's turn to make a new animal friend?

Teen Fiction

Fools In Love: Fresh Twists on Romantic Tales edited by Ashley Herring Blake and Rebecca Podos 

Fake relationships. Enemies to lovers. Love triangles and best friends. Mistaken identities and missed connections. This collection of genre-bending and original stories celebrates how love always finds a way, featuring powerful flora, a superhero and his nemesis, a fantastical sled race through snow-capped mountains, a golf tournament, the wrong ride-share, and even the end of the world. With stories written by Rebecca Barrow, Ashley Herring Blake, Gloria Chao, Mason Deaver, Sara Farizan, Claire Kann, Malinda Lo, Hannah Moskowitz, Natasha Ngan, Rebecca Podos, Lilliam Rivera, Laura Silverman, Amy Spalding, Rebecca Kim Wells, and Julian Winters, this collection is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Adult Fiction

I'm Not Hungry But I Could Eat by Christopher Gonzalez

Long nights, empty stomachs, and impulsive cravings haunt the stories contained in this book. A college grad reunites with a high school crush when invited to his bachelor party, a lonely cat-sitter wreaks havoc on his friends' apartment, happy hour french fries leave more than grease on lips and fingers, and, squeezed into a diner booth, one man eats past his limit for the sake of friendship. Exploring the lives of bisexual and gay Puerto Rican men, these fifteen stories show a vulnerable, intimate world of yearning and desire. The stars of these narratives linger between living their truest selves and remaining in the wings, embarking on a journey of self-discovery to satisfy their hunger for companionship and belonging.

Adult Nonfiction

The Deep Places: A Memoir of Illness and Discovery by Ross Douthat 

This vulnerable, insightful memoir details a five-year struggle with Lyme disease, exploring the limits of modern medicine, and the secrets that only suffering reveals. A powerful story about fragile hopes in the face of chronic illness.

DVDs and Blu-rays

One Night in Miami | Starring: Leslie Odom Jr., Aldis Hodge, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Eli Goree, Lance Reddick, Michael Imperioli, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Beau Bridges | Director: Regina King

Despite being declared the new Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World by defeating Sonny Liston, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) is forced to stay in a different area of Miami due to Jim Crow-era segregation. In this fictional account, he spends the night at the Hampton House Motel with Jim Brown, Malcolm X, and Sam Cooke, socializing and discussing their roles in the civil rights movement and how to go about empowering Black Americans.

You can find these new titles and many more great books, ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and music in our catalog and at a neighborhood library near you!

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