Introducing: Philadelphia Business Journal Online

By Claire L. RSS Tue, December 20, 2022

The Business Resource and Innovation Center at the Free Library is excited to announce that Philadelphia Business Journal Online is now available to all library patrons! This valuable resource provides the latest updates on Philadelphia’s business community. If you’re searching for news on executive hiring, commercial real estate, and small business breakthroughs, look no further. All you need is your Free Library card! Here are a few ways that Philadelphia Business Journal Online can help your business, nonprofit, or job search.


Philadelphia Business Journal Online (PBJ) is known for its up-to-the-minute coverage of business news in the city. Free Library users have access to a full range of articles on recent business trends, from corporate giants like Comcast and Aramark, to neighborhood storefronts and local startups. Articles about commercial real estate shed light on city-wide trends for small businesses searching for the perfect location or looking to expand to a new market. PBJ also covers policy updates from the Small Business Administration and other programs that benefit small businesses. 

Some of the most popular features of Philadelphia Business Journal are the lists and rankings. Interested in knowing how inflation in Philadelphia compares to other cities? Or are you looking for a list of all investment firms in the Philadelphia region? Hop over to the Lists & Leads section of Philadelphia Business Journal Online to get a full picture of the city’s corporate landscape. PBJ also publishes weekly updates on new corporate filings–an essential resource for building your business-to-business sales list. Free Library users can view lists on the Business Journal website, or purchase a downloadable version for an additional fee.


In addition to business news, PBJ frequently covers the city’s biggest philanthropists. Check out the Philanthropy & Nonprofits topic to find out who’s making those six- and seven-figure gifts throughout the greater Philadelphia region and stay updated on giving trends. Nonprofits can also use PBJ to find out when a donor is named to a List of Distinction or starts a new C-level position. Find your next generation of donors and influencers in PBJ’s Forty Under 40 awards, published annually.

Nonprofits and fundraisers may also be interested in the Real Estate Leads section. This weekly list shows property sales throughout the region, which can be useful for researching strong donor prospects. The Business Ranking lists are a helpful source for finding corporate sponsors who may be interested in supporting your cause. For example, if you’re raising money for medical research, you can easily find a current list of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the area. 

Job Seekers

Looking for a new job or thinking about a career change? Philadelphia Business Journal Online frequently covers employment news, with awards like Best Places to Work and Soaring 76: Fastest-Growing Companies. PBJ also offers lists of employers by industry (such as tech companies or architecture firms) if you want to narrow your job search. PBJ covers executive hiring news, so you can keep up with Philly’s corporate movers and shakers. 

Get Started
Philadelphia Business Journal Online offers top-notch coverage of the city’s latest business news, as well as a treasure trove of corporate and real estate data. To get started, log in to the Free Library website with your library card. From our homepage, select the Databases link. Under ‘P,’ click on the link for Philadelphia Business Journal Online.

For any business or nonprofit questions, contact the Business Resource and Innovation Center. For career and job assistance, check out our Job Seeker Resources and Events

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