The Wall of Creativity: Embracing Your Toddler’s Creativity One Scribble at a Time!

By Kimberly G. RSS Mon, February 26, 2024

Parenting is a journey filled with surprises, and toddlers have a remarkable knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

One such memorable moment in our household occurred when our little guy unleashed his inner Picasso on the living room wall. While I met the moment with amusement, my husband, on the other hand, was less than amused. Here, I aim to shed light on the importance of allowing toddlers to scribble, which naturally unlocks their creative potential — one mighty squiggle at a time.


Scribbling is Beautiful, Baby

Scribbling is more than just some random lines on paper. In fact, I consider scribbling "pre-writing," a form of self-expression, and a gateway to the world of imagination. When my toddler began picking up crayons, markers, and pencils and started creating his first scribbles, I celebrated! I knew his first scribbles were an indication that he was now embarking on a new journey of discovery as well as hitting a developmental milestone.

Encourage Early Exploration into Writing

As parents and caregivers, our role is to create an environment conducive to children’s exploration of writing. So provide your toddler with a variety of writing tools and materials, such as crayons, colored pencils, paint and paint brushes, and large sheets of paper. While I know it will be difficult for some, do try to avoid placing too many restrictions on your little one's creative process; instead, relish the moment and celebrate the joy of exploration.

If you’re not as free-spirited and bohemian as I am, then you may want to consider designating a special space for your kiddo’s artistic endeavors. This will allow your toddler to feel pride and ownership over his/her artwork, as well as protect the interior walls of your home.

Scribbling, It's More Than Meets the Eye

In addition to fostering creativity, scribbling helps your toddler refine their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and lest we forget, cognitive abilities. Scribbling also allows your toddler to explore shapes, lines, and colors, laying the foundation for more structured writing down the road.

Build Your Toddler’s Confidence with Positive Reinforcement

Every scribble is a triumph and a child’s self-expression. When my toddler drew on the living room wall, I knew it was not a deliberate act of defiance but rather a form of experimentation and self-expression. So instead of reprimanding him, I showered him with positive reinforcement by praising his efforts and displaying his artwork proudly. This positive encouragement boosts his confidence and instills a sense of pride. Though admittedly, shortly after that, I did invest in reams of butcher paper that I taped to the wall allowing him to draw and paint to his heart’s content.

Integrating Scribbling (Pre-Writing) into Your Toddler’s Daily Activities

Make writing a natural part of your toddler’s everyday routine. Whether it’s drawing pictures of their favorite animals, a self-portrait, scribbling in their art notebook, or even attempting to write their name, incorporating writing into your toddler’s daily life fosters a natural affinity for the written word.

In a toddler’s world, writing begins with a scribble, and every scribble is a masterpiece. By encouraging your little one to explore writing from an early age, you are not only nurturing their creativity but also laying the foundation for a lifelong love of expression through art and words.  So baby, let the crayons roam freely, let the paintbrush dance across the paper, and watch as your toddler’s creative potential unfolds one scribble at a time.


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