New Titles Coming to the Free Library in March!

By Rachel F. RSS Tue, March 5, 2024

This March, we're celebrating Women's History Month by exploring titles created by and featuring women!

Young Children (up to 2nd Grade)

When I Wrap My Hair by Shauntay Grant, illustrated by Jenin Mohammed

In the vein of I Am Enough and Hold Them Close, this inspiring and beautiful picture book celebrates how hair wrapping ties together past and present. When I wrap, my roots run deep. As deep as an African marketplace or a city sidewalk or the stories between them. With lyrical text by acclaimed author Shauntay Grant and vibrant illustrations by Jenin Mohammed, When I Wrap My Hair is both an act of joyful recognition and a demonstration of how knowledge is passed through generations.


Older Children (3rd Grade to 6th Grade)

Coretta: The Autobiography of Mrs. Coretta Scott King by Coretta Scott King, illustrated by Ekua Holmes

This picture book adaptation of her critically acclaimed adult memoir paints a vivid portrait of the wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. and a singular 20th-century American civil and human rights activist who fought for justice against all odds, becoming an unforgettable champion of social change.


Teen Fiction

Out of Our League: 16 Stories of Girls in Sports edited by Dahlia Adler & Jennifer Iacopelli

A compelling YA anthology from editors Dahlia Adler and Jennifer Iacopelli about the trials and triumphs of girls in sports. Ambition. Drive. Determination. Talent. Courage. Teamwork. Every athlete knows what it takes to win. But for players who are teen girls, the stakes are so much higher. In this anthology, the voices of these athletes come alive, highlighting the ferocity of those who are often shunted to the side. From navigating rampant misogyny to forging a sisterhood through sweat or just reveling in the love of the game, the stories in Out of Our League address the phenomenal physical and emotional power of teenage athletes as they compete, persevere, and thrive, on and off the field.


Adult Fiction

Finding Margaret Fuller by Allison Pataki

Young, brazen, beautiful, and unapologetically brilliant, Margaret Fuller accepts an invitation from Ralph Waldo Emerson, the celebrated Sage of Concord, to meet his coterie of enlightened friends. There she becomes "the radiant genius and fiery heart" of the Transcendentalists, a role model to a young Louisa May Alcott, an inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne's Hester Prynne and the scandalous Scarlet Letter, a friend to Henry David Thoreau as he ventures out to Walden Pond... and a muse to Emerson. But Margaret craves more than poetry and interpersonal drama, and her restless soul needs new challenges and adventures.

With a star-studded cast and sweeping, epic historical events, this is a story of an inspiring trailblazer, a woman who loved big and lived even bigger — a fierce adventurer who transcended the rigid roles ascribed to women and changed history, all on her own terms.


Adult Nonfiction

Slow Noodles: A Cambodian Memoir of Love, Loss, and Family Recipes by Chantha Nguon

A haunting and beautiful memoir from a Cambodian refugee who lost her country and her family during Pol Pot's genocide in the 1970s but who finds hope by reclaiming the recipes she tasted in her mother's kitchen. This lyrical memoir includes over 20 Khmer recipes.


DVDs and Blu-rays

Invisible Beauty

Release Date: January 21, 2023

Director: Bethann Hardison, Frederic Tcheng

Starring: Bethann Hardison, Iman, Tyson Beckford, Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya, Fran Lebowitz, Pat Cleveland, Naomi Campbell, Stephen Burrows

The essential memoir of fashion pioneer Bethann Hardison, this documentary shines a spotlight on one of the fashion industry's most influential icons who, as a pioneering Black model, modeling agent, and entrepreneur, has pushed the boundaries of fashion culture and has been at the forefront of progress throughout her career. In her lifetime, the singular and unapologetic Hardison has seen the pendulum swing toward and away from the Black model. At every setback, she spoke up and rallied her colleagues and clients in the industry to advance change. Now in her 70s, the Brooklyn native is writing her memoir, taking stock of her own legacy at a moment when the fashion industry is shaken by a racial reckoning. This is an absorbing record of the racial evolution of fashion and an original contemplation on the life of an unparalleled trailblazer.

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