New Titles Coming to the Free Library in July

By Rachel F. RSS Wed, June 26, 2024

There is something for everyone in these new titles coming to the Free Library in July!


Young Children (up to 2nd Grade)

How To Eat A Mango by Paola Santos; illustrated by Juliana Perdomo

Carmencita doesn’t want to help Abuelita pick mangoes; she doesn’t even like them! They’re messy, they get stuck in her teeth, and it’s a chore to throw out the rotten ones. But Abuelita adores mangoes, and patiently, she teaches Carmencita the right way to eat them. Together, they listen to the tree’s leaves, feel its branches and roots above and below, and smell and feel the sweet, smooth fruits. Each step is a meditation on everything Mamá Earth has given, and in the Earth’s love, Carmencita feels the love of her Mami, her Papi, her little brother Carlitos, and of course, Abuelita. When they finally bite in, the juice running down their arms, Carmencita understands. The mangoes are more than just mangoes… and she’s ready for another!


Older Children (3rd Grade to 6th Grade)

Seashell Key by Lourdes Heuer

Welcome to Seashell Key! Summer is here, and the children of this cozy coastal town are ready to welcome visitors to their little oasis. There’s Mateo, who runs his little kite-making business, Sail and Soar, alongside his dad’s Sky and Sea store; Sasha and Sophia, who comb the seashore next to their mother’s One Stop Shore Shop; and Eli, Ezra, and Elana, who live in the cozy-but-cramped lighthouse and entertain passing tourists with tall tales. Filled with a vibrant cast and lots of summery fun, this is the start of an exciting new chapter book series.


Teen Fiction

We Don’t Have Time for This by Brianna Craft

Two presidents. One club. A sizzling connection. Isa Brown wishes her life would slow down. She doesn't want to leave for college. Not now that her dad finally gets to spend some time at home. Not now that she's finally been in one place for over a year. But nothing lasts forever. With wildfires ravaging her community and a new natural gas pipeline threatening her dad's job, the last thing Isa can do is relax. The school's environmental justice club seems like a promising way to make real change. If only her annoying co-president Darius would stop being such a control freak. Darius Freeman can't stop hustling. If he does, how will he beat the other honors kids to be valedictorian? How will he get into the top schools in the country? How will he launch his political career? No. Darius can't stop, and the next step in his plan is leading the environmental justice club this year — putting on a policy summit and rounding out his college applications with a leadership role. But then Isa joins the club and becomes co-president. Is she the stumbling block on his road to success? As Isa and Darius clash over the best way to lead the environmental justice club, deeper feelings emerge about what's at stake for their communities if they can't figure out how to work together, and about the sparks they feel between them.


Adult Fiction

The Road to the Salt Sea by Samuel Oluwatosin Kolawole

As wrenching and luminous as Omar El Akkad's What Strange Paradise and Mohsin Hamid's Exit West, a searing exploration of the global migration crisis that moves from Nigeria to Libya to Italy, from an exciting new literary voice. 

Able God works for low pay at a four-star hotel where he must flash his "toothpaste-white smile" for wealthy guests. When not tending to the hotel's overprivileged clientele, he muses over self-help books and draws life lessons from the game of chess. But Able's ordinary life is upended when an early morning room service order leads him to interfere with Akudo, a sex worker involved with a powerful but dangerous hotel guest. Suddenly caught in a web of violence, guilt, and fear, Able must run to save himself — a journey that leads him into the desert with a group of drug-addled migrants, headed by a charismatic religious leader calling himself Ben Ten. The travelers' dream of reaching Europe — and a new life-is shattered when they fall prey to human traffickers, suffer starvation, and find themselves on the precipice of death, fighting for their lives and their freedom. As Able God moves into the treacherous unknown, his consciousness becomes focused on survival, and the foundations of his beliefs — his ideas about betterment and salvation — are forever altered. 

Suspenseful, incisive, and illuminating, The Road to the Salt Sea is a story of family, fate, religion, survival, the failures of the Nigerian class system, and what often happens to those who seek their fortunes elsewhere.


Adult Nonfiction

How Children Grieve: What Adults Miss, and What They Can Do To Help by Corinne Masur

An informative and accessible guide to understanding childhood grief at every age, this empathetic and thoughtful guide will help caretakers support children mourning after loss — from family deaths and lost pets to unexpected moves, and beyond.


DVDs and Blu-rays

The Teacher’s Lounge

Release Date: April 2, 2024

Director: Ilker Catak

Starring: Leonie Benesch, Leonard Stettnisch, Eva Lobau, Michael Klammer, Rafael Stachowiak, Sarah Bauerett, Kathrin Wehlisch, Anne-Kathrin Gummich

An idealistic middle school teacher who advocates for a student accused of stealing becomes embroiled in conflict when she becomes the target of theft herself.

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